Combin Reviews: Is Combin Safe or Scam? [#1 Ultimate Guide]

Combin reviews guide reveals whether Combin is safe or free and what Combin alternatives you need, you’ll find out everything in this guide you need. 

After getting my IG page ( to 10,000 Instagram followers, it is the best feeling ever.

Well not just getting 10k followers, but also 100k blog traffic in the past 3 months as well.

They are totally achievable for free where I just need to implement an automation tool for this Instagram page and let the page grow on autopilot while sharing all the IG tips you need to get to 100k followers at

But without an automation tool, it wouldn’t take my blog to 100k visitors in 3 months if nothing is on autopilot.

Is Combin safe?

You’ll find out everything you need to know in this guide that is not shared on the Combin Reddit community.

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Before we’re getting into be sure to check out my #1 recommended.

Combin Review: The #1 Complete Combin Scheduler Review

I’ll share the #1 tool I’m using first, without you having to be in the Combin login page and even the Combin Reddit community won’t be sharing this detailed information with you.

What is Combin Scheduler?

Combin is one of many automation tools in which some features are prohibited and when you’re using these features, you’re risking an Instagram ban.


But the best part is Combin scheduler allows me to set my Instagram page on autopilot without concerning about the fact of getting an Instagram ban.

One of the important Instagram followers cheat is to be posting consistently to be getting your first 10,000 Instagram followers.

  • I also shared, another important social media trick is how good or clean you might be using your Instagram page, you have no idea whether you’d get banned waking up the next morning not knowing which term of services you violated.

Therefore, never focus on 1-single social media platform before starting another social media platform like Twitter or TikTok or LinkedIn, or Facebook, it’s better to have your own blog.

If you haven’t set your Instagram page on autopilot check out all the Instagram features of this Combin scheduler.

Combin Scheduler Includes

  • Schedule 365/24/7 and Instant Postings: A powerful feature of Instagram you need, without this, trying to make money online with Instagram is just 1-step further and harder. This feature allows you to prepare your future post and any kind of Instagram post, or Instagram story to get your first 10,000 Instagram followers.
  • Instagram Automation Publishing: After all, you’re ready to be gaining more Instagram followers. It’s all about leveraging Instagram automation publishing to air your Instagram content live for more traction on Instagram and across all social media platforms
  • Instagram Image Editing: This is the best part of this Combin scheduler, you can edit your Instagram image and perfect every angle to maximize the chance of getting your 10,000 Instagram followers.
  • Location Tagging: Without this feature, getting quality Instagram followers is important if you want to generate income online with Instagram. Especially, you can make money online easier when you have Instagram followers that are from the United States.
  • Instagram Hashtags and Account Mentioning: Well, I don’t really like this feature to find hashtags, but it’s good to have it on.
  • Bulk Instagram Story Uploads: If you haven’t been using Instagram stories to be getting more Instagram followers, it’s time to leverage Instagram stories but if you’re new to Instagram, posting once a day on the Instagram story is great.

Combin Review: Top Combin Scheduler Benefits

One-Click Instagram Story Creation

Not just one-click Instagram story creation with this Combin scheduler, the best part is you can be posting your Instagram story 365/24/7 as well, which means you don’t need to worry about getting followers with your Instagram story as well.

Prepare and Plan your Instagram Layout



  • It’s not important to have your Instagram layout perfect, but imagine a stranger from the Instagram hashtags visits your Instagram page and they’re seeing your Instagram feed looks organized and has a purpose with it which is the chance of getting more followers for you, and it’s going to be easier.

Set It and Forget It


To make money online fast and have the ability to set it and forget is everything.

Imagine you already set all your Instagram content on autopilot and have them up and running for the next 365 days 24 hours and 7 days a week, that’d give you the opportunity to also get paid for building your own blog.

Access the Combin Scheduler.

Combin Review: Combin Growth Automation Tool

Now, this is the most exciting part where you do not want to miss out, if you missed using some of the Combine scheduler Instagram feature in here, you’d get banned, action blocked, and shadowban according to Instagram’s latest update which I’ll be sharing everything in below.

What is Combin Growth Automation Tool?

Combine growth automation tools is one of many automation tools out in the market that you need to be aware of.


This growth allows you to automate everything and get your first 10,000 Instagram followers on autopilot without touching your page.

  • According to Instagram’s latest update, so many entrepreneurs got blocked and bans from using this automation feature.

What’s that mean to you?

You might now want to use it. But here’s a trick…

It’s not hurt to implement this ultimate Instagram automation tool with your brand-new Instagram page, to see whether it’s working and of course…

  • Following the recommendation from this Instagram tools and Follow/Unfollow slowly in the beginning.

A more seasonal Instagram account allows you to make money on Instagram easier as you can take more action with the Instagram limit.

Remember on a brand-new Instagram account, do you know what’s the best part?

If the automation tool is working for you, why not let your Instagram followers increase on autopilot, right?

But here are what they can automate and help you make money on autopilot with Instagram.

Combin Growth Automation Tool Includes

  • Daily Account Followers Gained: Essential number you need to know so you can determine whether to increase followers faster and what automation feature to implement to continue to double your followers overnight.
  • Advanced Instagram Search for Followers: Seeking laser-targeted Instagram account to gain followers via location search, hashtags search, and mentioning.
  • Instagram Audience Targeting: Filter Instagram followers with language such as English when liking your post, commenting on your post, following, etc.
  • Machine Learning Instagram Followers Behaviors: Filtering low-quality Instagram account which has 10,000 Instagram followers but only with 10 to 20 likes per Instagram post.
  • Audience Management and Export: Identity those who unfollow you on Instagram in batches and immediately filter them into small groups and immediately unfollow them all at once (I only recommend, unfollowing based on your account limit).
  • Advanced Filter Blocked Repetitive Actions Automation Tool: A great feature for following, unfollowing, liking, and auto-commenting on other Instagram account to get more followers. Creating different pre-written comment templates to simply, copy and paste into other people’s comment sections.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts Managing: You can run multiple Instagram account with this feature with this automation, and when you automate your first account, it’s time to automate the second account, third account, and so on…

Top Combin Growth Benefits

Unfollow Non-Follow Back


This feature is important for your Instagram account. Although you can unfollow all at once but due to Instagram action limits,

  • I never recommend you unfollow all-at-once.

A better option would be manually unfollowing them on the Instagram app itself as you have no idea who’s not following you back.

This is a key feature as you can unfollow non-follow back to get improve your account quality which allows Instagram to reward your account for faster growth.

Instagram Followers Quality Controls


As Instagram prefers more over quality than quantity and accounts with more followers and only a few Instagram likes, it’d likely hurt your account engagement.

When implementing this feature, you’re filtering low-quality followers and that’s why you also see Instagram has a button that allows you to remove followers.

Finding Laser Target Instagram Followers


This is key, if you want more sales and more money opportunities, having high-quality followers is important.

  • An example when your product is English if your Instagram followers speak Spanish, Korean, etc. they would fluctuate from getting more sales.

With this automation tool, you’re able to filter out people that engage and only speak the relevant language and location such as the United States who are more willing to buy from you or help you generate an affiliate commission.

Get started with Combin.

8. Combin Alternatives to Combin Scheduler

If you’ve been thinking about Combin Instagram ban?

There are definitely a ton of automation tools you can use to increase Instagram followers on autopilot without you having to touch the page and one of the best tools and its all-in-one that help me grow my first 10,000 Instagram followers is Inflact.

Inflact is an all-in-one Instagram tool you need, whatever Combin scheduler and growth have his free Instagram scheduler has it all.

The best part is, you can even download any kind of Instagram video, images, hashtags generator, download Instagram story, etc.


What’s more?

  • I remember the most painful part is forgetting about canceling the subscription and having to jump from one Instagram software company to another Instagram tool just to use the specific tool.

If you’re ready for the all-in-one tool, get Inflact now.

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Conclusions. – Combin Reviews

If you have been thinking that to make money on Instagram by growing your Instagram followers or having a big following in order to make generate and make money online. – Check out my #1 recommended.

When this automation tool has new updates, you’ll be able to find everything here.

With that said, that’s all for now, it’s time to make money with your IG followers using link above.

FAQs. – Combin Reviews

Is Combin Safe?

Combin is definitely a safe tool to use but depends on well you use it, for example, I mentioned some of them feature that you need to avoid to get banned by Instagram if you’re using it.

Is Combin Free?

Combin is absolutely free to use in the beginning, and you could definitely be able to find out all the features available in the Instagram scheduler when you need to use it.

Does Combin Work Instagram?

Definitely, I shared one of the features of this tool you need to avoid and the one I’m using that works extremely well. What’s more? There’s an alternative that you need to know if this tool doesn’t work out for you.

Why is Combin so Slow?

Due to the number of Instagram users or spammers, the speed that Combin allows you to work, without getting banned by Instagram is great. Otherwise, you could implement one of the growth methods mentioned in my #1 recommended.