How to Get 1k Likes on Instagram: #1 Instagram Likes Guide

Trying to get Instagram engagement and learning how to get Instagram likes and followers is easy. This would be a long guide for increasing Instagram engagement.

After gaining 100k IG followers, I’m speaking from experience, not some random guy buying IG likes using apps or fake likes.

You’ll learn all the tips to get more likes on Instagram app.

First, I’ll go into the fake likes and if you’ve been experiencing Instagram followers suddenly dropping. You’ll get likes back on IG.

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What is a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

A good engagement rate on Instagram for an Instagram account depends on how well you grow your page and I mentioned the most important forbidden tactics that you shouldn’t be using in the next part.

  • If you’d like the exact number if your IG page has less than 5,000 followers, a good engagement rate will be 25% to 50% as this might vary as Instagram update its rules.

I shared an entire blog post on the engagement ratio you can check to see if it fits well along your account.

In that blog post, you’ll find out exactly what you need to know about the engagement number from an Instagram page with 0 followers all the way to 1 million followers, as well as what is a good engagement rate for the Instagram influencer.

But check it out later, the most important is coming ahead.

Do Not Buy Instagram Likes Over Instagram Followers – #1 Important

Never buy Instagram engagement. Why? You can get free Instagram engagement, easily.

When people want to know how to get more Instagram likes after posting and only focus on buying quality Instagram likes, they’re kind of doing everything and anything they can.

  • I’ve written thousands of IG tips on this asknugget blog and have never been a fan of buying Instagram likes and followers.

Why you should not learn how to get likes on Instagram after posting and followers? I share this story all the time. You’re on IG to make money on Instagram, not paying other people that sell these like services.

Imagine, you’re spending $5 to buy Instagram likes and followers every day for 365 days, that’s $1825 a year.

What do you get off that? Nothing. If you’re thinking to get likes on Instagram through buying so you can get free IG followers, that is a big mistake. – At, I never encourage you to buy Instagram likes.

Here’s why you won’t be getting free Instagram followers. In fact, you’re on the app to make money on Instagram, not spending your money without a good return on investment, zero.

Through buying, it won’t give anything at all for getting Instagram likes. However instead of buying likes.

Buy Followers Instead – Top #1 Instagram Likes Hack

When you reached 10k followers on Instagram, you’d have access to the Instagram story swipe-up.

That means, as a part of just the link in the bio, you’d have the ability to share more affiliate links and make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing is easier.

If you do decide to buy followers, you need to know how to get likes on Instagram hashtags first so your IG page doesn’t look as fake.

  • Most people have a page of 10000 followers with only 100 to 200 likes that means when you buy Instagram followers, you need to apply the methods in this guide to get likes on Instagram.

How To Avoid Banned on Instagram

Let’s talk about avoiding being banned on Instagram.

The problem with buying Instagram followers is that you’re always losing followers as of now, the platform is focusing on cleaning up fake followers and so, people would keep buying more followers to refill the lost.


After you buy Instagram followers 10k at once, don’t buy again.

  • Focus on the IG secrets tips below to get likes, as soon as you reached 400 likes then learn how to make money on Instagram immediately by applying the methods in my recommended – with the course, you only need 100 followers to make money right away.
  • If you still decide to buy Instagram followers – I recommended the #1 cheap place Inflact to buy 5k Instagram followers for $5, they’d give you 2 years to refill followers so you don’t have to keep buying to get banned on Instagram.


Instagram Likes Hack: 10+ Tricks How to Get Instagram Likes Fast

If you also wanted to know how to get likes on Instagram reels…

These are all the tips you need to get likes on Instagram and Instagram engagement strategy you need and as always we must get started with a niche.

If you’re on Instagram getting likes but not followers, the main reason is that you’re not getting enough likes to get your post to rank #1 on hashtags or the explore page.

Niche Picks

One of the most important tips for getting Instagram likes.

Before we dive into the main IG tips below, if you don’t have a niche in mind yet, all the tips below will not help you make money on Instagram or get paid for Instagram posts.

To get more likes and followers, it’s to have a niche. Niche is a like topic that you choose to be a part of such as on Instagram.


Now, you need the most profitable Instagram niche.

Before getting into how to get more Instagram likes is to stop looking for the most profitable Instagram niche. As long as there are people inside that niche, it is profitable.

You can read more about it later here after you share this post on Twitter – Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time.

Tagging and Mention on Instagram

2.1. Geotagging on Instagram

Geotagging is another great feature to grow your IG page. Most people shy away and waste time without using geotagging.

  • Without geotagging, most people would spam your inbox, asking you where the place is…
  • You’re losing followers without using geotagging completely.

2.2. Tag Instagram Influencers

Tagging is another great feature how to get more Instagram likes and followers and also the best one as well. But in this post how many people can you tag on Instagram – You’ll learn exactly the correct method to use without getting permanently banned or shadowbanned on Instagram.

  • For example, people tag all IG influencers and stack all of them on top of each other with the selfish intention to only get likes and comments from the big pages.

How to Get Instagram Likes without Hashtags

Most people want to grow their IG page without Instagram hashtags and want to know how to get Instagram likes.

Why would people want to know how to get Instagram likes without hashtags?

Want to know the best way to get Instagram likes?

Hashtags are one of the best features that helps me gain thousands of followers and you should use it.

IG hashtags don’t look spammy at all when you use them correctly.

  • Since people know they need hashtags for more likes, most people manipulate and incorrectly use them… end up getting banned that’s what inspired me to explain and write Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons. – Share this post before checking out those posts.

Below are several hashtags tips on how to get more Instagram likes and followers. Now let’s dive right into several hashtags tips that you can use to avoid getting banned.

Best Time to Get Instagram Likes


Do you want to know the best time to get Instagram likes?

This is the #1 best Instagram bot and Instagram engagement tool to get likes on Instagram provides you with zero-waste hashtags and is certified with Instagram (You won’t be banned).

Before diving into this IG tip, I hope you understand these…

  • If you’re looking for 50 free Instagram likes an app that can give you free stuff, understand it’s a business that most companies will not be willing to give away likes for free.
  • Let alone 1000 free Instagram likes trial, or even just 20 likes. Don’t fall for the scam and don’t put in your email address or account username to avoid your account being hacked.

By following the tips below you’d get automatic Instagram likes every time you make a post, you can get likes on Instagram easily when using this tool, and it is the best tool to get free Instagram likes without a password.

  • They have four functions built-in in this bot, and at – I only recommend you use the hashtags generator and set the IG page on autopilot for 365/24/7.

With Instagram hashtags alone that will get you 1,000 likes per Instagram post while leveraging the best time to post on Instagram and you don’t have to touch anything.

If you’re looking to get the auto likes Instagram free trial from them, they currently have the free option to have a look around, it is the best bot.

Hashtags to Get Instagram Likes – Best #1 Instagram Likes Hack

When I first get started, I didn’t believe hashtags worked at all and so I just keep searching on Google and ask my friends if those hashtags actually increase followers and like at all.

I was so skeptical some people say yes hashtags help and some say doesn’t help!

After gaining over 100k followers on Instagram, I understand how Instagram hashtags work exactly, and slowly, I just leverage Instagram hashtags to get more likes using them.

That’s what I’m going to share with you next and below is the hashtag photo.


If you’re on the Instagram mobile app, tap on Recent of the hashtags. Next, when you post on your Instagram using #blufis you will see your photo shown there instead of just your profile, try it.

However, without using the correct hashtags that fit well for your profile by analyzing your account with Inflact.

Also where you should be using your Instagram hashtags in the comments or post captions to get more followers later or how many hashtags 5, 6, 10, or 11 hashtags will give you the most followers and likes? But first before even going to use those hashtags mentioned next.

Knowing Your Niche Hashtags

Without picking relevant hashtags, you’ll not be rewarded much reach, that’s why a lot of my clients ask if those hashtags are still working or not.

  • The hardest Instagram page to grow is a personal branding page where you’re posting photos of yourself.

The top advantage of this is you can almost rank your photo in any hashtag when you search for #travel, you will even see selfies in the hashtags but not actual travel photos, and I mentioned that in this post about IG niche – after you read that, you’ll be cleared.

Once you know your Instagram niche, it’s time to grow followers with hashtags.

Stop Poor and Free Hashtags Generator

If you want to know deeply about how to get more Instagram likes and dig for those golden best Instagram hashtags for likes.

Also, if you read the post I shared earlier, people wondering why Instagram hashtags not working is because they use those poor hashtags generator.

So, what exactly happens if you use those hashtags generator to get more Instagram likes and followers?

Banned Hashtags

When you’re using something it’s free, there won’t be a maintenance fee.

Instagram could update its banned hashtags list (the list is in that post) at any minute while free tools could take forever to provide updates.

When using banned hashtags, it’s hard to solve the problem of how to get more Instagram likes.

  • With that said, I recommend one of the personal hashtags tools.
  • It is the only dedicated Instagram hashtag called Inflact for the best hashtags to use to get likes on Instagram.

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Another reason is not to use popular hashtags generated by automation tools or manually using popular hashtags finding.

  • Depending on how many Instagram followers your account has, it’d be more difficult to be ranking on those popular hashtags as you’re trying to get 400 likes on Instagram free.

I explained a scenario in this blog post Trending Instagram Hashtags: #1 Best Guide to More Followers. – A tip on the exact step on how you can use hashtags to get more Instagram likes and followers.

Low Competition Instagram Hashtags

If any hashtags are in the million range, don’t use them. It’s not a good method to increase Instagram likes. That’s not how to get more Instagram likes by using those. Why?

A ton of people keep posting and your post would get pushed down in a matter of seconds in those hashtags.

Let’s say hashtags #travel has millions of post volumes as I mentioned when you use that hashtag, you’d be in getting likes in the Recent tab, right?

Imagine, 20 to 30 people using the #travel hashtags and posting at the same time with you, no one is going to see each other Instagram post.

Let alone ranking in the top 9 spots using Instagram hashtags.

That hashtag is my own which created back when I started and as I created it I got Instagram shadowbanned. So I share how you can avoid it in that guide.

Instagram Engagement Post Ideas

The most important part of having your own IG niche is knowing what to post on Instagram.

  • Other than that, your Instagram captions are everything assuming you already know what to post.

The caption is the strongest call to action you need to let your followers or strangers from hashtags get to know you and help you sell on Instagram.

That means, If you’re in the money niche page or personal branding, your IG post should be relevant to your niche and leverage the caption to drive sales on Instagram.

The biggest Instagram mistake is only focusing on likes and followers, it’s key to engage your followers through the caption as one of your best Instagram post ideas and writing too long captions.


Instead of spending time writing long caption while an Instagram post only last for 1 month., it’s better to spend time driving Instagram traffic to your blog, – Learn to start your own blog. An example would be to use funny engagement captions on Instagram.

Get an Instagram Engagement Manager

As soon as you’re getting too much engagement on your account, it’s time to get another project done such as having your own blog as it is the easiest way to get more traffic and drive leads, and sales.

  • Getting an Instagram engagement manager is easy and fast, and they won’t manage the engagement for you, but they’d also help grow your Instagram account as well.

Check out these growth services.

Helpful Blog Posts:


If you like the above IG tips to get more likes… share this post on all social media so I’ll update this post with more tips.

Join the free updates in blufis blog to get insider secrets tips. With that said, have a good day, and follow on IG.

Take it easy.


1. Why Do Instagram Likes Matter? – 5 Reasons to Get Likes on Instagram

How to get more Instagram likes matters because they are everything on the IG social media platform, to help you.

The more likes you get the more people would see your post (even non-followers), they’ll follow you, and the more money you’ll be getting paid.

Yes, without enough likes, you won’t be getting followers at all. I’ll share with you exactly why Instagram likes matter and how exactly they’re going to help you.

Reason 1. Goal Settings

First, you gotta know why Instagram likes matter, what exactly do you want to get out of Instagram? – I personally don’t want to waste time spent on Instagram scrolling but to make money off it.

On every second I spend on the platform, not just Instagram but also Facebook. I believe you also have the same goal settings when using Instagram right?

Btw, you need at least 100 followers to make money on Instagram which I’ll get into.

Reason 2. Stay Motivated on Instagram

Now, that you know you need to make money off Instagram, likes will be your motivation and driving force to actually make money or grow on IG.

Most people know why likes are important then this would trigger their thoughts on buying IG likes, but wait…

Reason 3. Increase Instagram Followers

Like is how Instagram engineers to grow your page, any IG page. How? Let’s take a look at the post insights,


Thanks to likes, with 5k likes I was able to reach 70k people and over 120 people visited my profile. Look at how like was able to bring so much many people to follow, and it’s amazing,

I personally know for a fact that Instagram likes are everything and now you should know how important likes are right?

When you have enough real likes without buying Instagram likes you can even get sponsors on Instagram.

Reason 4. Sponsor on Instagram

This article on How to get sponsored by Nike on Instagram? – I talked about if you have 5k – 10k you can get sponsored.

It is a big number!

That’s why I’m mentioning the next section with you, you don’t have to wait until you reach 10k followers to make money or get sponsored.

  • I learned that from using Facebook, you know what you can’t even add over 5000 friends to it. If you’re using Facebook, there’s no chance you can grow but you can apply the technique in this course.

Reason 5. Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers

If you’re still using Instagram’s third-party app, Instagram automation tools, or using apps to buy likes. You need to realize you can make money with 100 followers.

To ultimately avoid a permanent ban. In the article Instagram Affiliate Marketing: 7-Steps Make Money with ClickBank – I shared the exact step-by-step, easy-to-plan that you can find out everything about it.

  • Along with this entire blog talks about IG growth methods like using bots, likes, etc. is outdated.

As soon as you connect your IG page with any third-party app that is not certified with Instagram, you’d immediately trigger an action blocked or shadowban Instagram.

2. Why Don’t I Get Instagram Likes?

Without knowing the right method to gain organic Instagram engagement, it could be a hassle but luckily, I’ve shared everything in this blog post.

3. Why is My Instagram Engagement so Low?

Your page growth method might need to be better. Growing your page likes incorrectly at the beginning could be a costly mistake later down the road.