Like Follower Ratio: How Many Likes to Get From 100 to 1-Million

Knowing your like follower ratio is key since you already heard Instagram’s dropping their engagement reach.

When you want to find out what’s the exact number of likes you should be getting per post.

The first key that I’ve always been sharing with others is not to buy likes or followers for Instagram and when you are buying, your engagement rate will be a huge difference to pages that grow organically.

If you’re using the correct way to grow Instagram followers organically, you’ll also be coming across inactive followers and not ignoring what you post on Instagram to minimize inactive followers.

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What is Follow Ratio?

Followers to following ratio is how many likes or how many followers you should be getting per post. For example, if you have 1000 followers, you should be getting 50 to 100+ likes per post.

  • Most people try to manipulate Instagram by hyping up their account using fake likes and followers thinking they won’t get caught, but Instagram knows it all, and I shared one of the best tools below, so everybody will find out.

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Average Likes on Instagram Post: Instagram Like Follower Ratio Table

A lot of people want to know what is the average amount of likes on Instagram and how many likes should I be getting per 100 to 300 followers, 600 followers, etc. I’ll share with you exactly that, below.

Now, you might be seeing people saying they’re only getting around a 5% to 15% engagement rate, but if you have 5000 followers or less, you should be getting 50% plus engagement if you’re using the correct growing strategy.

Take a look at this follower-to-following ratio Instagram you need.

Like Follower Ratio for Instagram Range 0 to 5000 Instagram Followers Instagram Engagement Rate:
0 to 300 Followers 50% to 75%
300 – 600 Followers 50% to 75%
600 – 800 or 900 Followers 50% to 75%
1000 Followers 50% to 75%

These numbers are collected based on the experience I used to grow @asknugget.

5000 to 10000 Followers

With this Instagram follow ratio that is above 5000 followers to 10000 followers, you’ll notice my average likes per post on Instagram and they will start to limit your page reach as you can see.

I’m at around 2k to 3k likes per photo and that was my average number of likes on Instagram.

The worst performing posts to followers ratio on Instagram would be sitting at 1k likes, 2k to 3k or 1k likes out of 10000 Instagram followers which is already above 15% engagement rate.

  • These numbers reflect largely different when you buy Instagram likes or followers.

All companies that sell likes or followers would mention the word “real and active” to get people to buy them thinking they are.

10000 Followers to 100000 Instagram Followers

This is the part where your like-follower ratio fluctuates, the more followers you have the lower your engagement will be. That’s why you’re seeing me getting 2k to 3k likes which is the same as pages with 100k followers.

This is where Instagram would look deeper into those pages and how they did it to grow them.

As they’d have a large influence on the Instagram community.

  • Most people would get Instagram shadowban at 100k followers if Instagram looked into their history such as using Instagram engagement groups.

But it is one of the fastest methods I used to grow my page and knowing how to stop them is key that is not the only method you can use to grow your Instagram followers – I share everything in this followers cheat guide.

100k to 1000000 Followers

At this point, you should have a great experience on Instagram and know exactly how your page should be working, but if you were buying a page with 1m followers, your engagement should be less than 5%.

  • The worst page I’ve seen is where they’re only getting 0.01% due to their failure how to monetize their page correctly.

Next, let’s look into a free calculator tool…

Like to Follower Ratio Calculator Tools

If you don’t like to use tools on how to find your average likes on Instagram and want to know how to manually calculate Instagram engagement on.

You can take the number of likes of your recent or third post, and divide it by your number of followers.

But these tools would make it easier.

Instagram Engagement Calculator Tools

This Instagram engagement calculation tool is where you can instantly see your page engagement.


If you’re not getting enough likes, it’s an analytics tool that would help you find out how exactly your page grow in the past months…

  • Identify fake followers or in-active to remove from your account.

So your post can start to your active followers immediately see your post and engagement instead of showing to your fake followers.

As Instagram only has a certain number percentage, it’s great to clean up your followers.

After you clean up, you can find a low-cost Instagram influencer to work with so to boost your account engagement back up and improve your Instagram ratio.


Inflact has the tools you need such as the Instagram reach calculator helps you identify:

  • Your Instagram Reach to Like Ratio.
  • Instagram Reach to Follower Ratio.

If you have been looking for an automation tool as well, this is the all-in-one tool you need.

If you’re using hashtags, download Instagram videos, and stories, find trending hashtags or put your IG page on autopilot.

You don’t have to jump from one software company to another software company to automate your IG page.

  • I remember I had to use multiple tools and jump around while forgetting to cancel subscriptions and you know what, it’s a hustle to jump to different software companies while trying to connect your multiple soft companies to Instagram. – It’s a big red flag to Instagram.

The next tool is what I recommend most like follower ratio calculation.


You can simply type in your Instagram username or handle to see the calculation of your page.

If you haven’t been using any tools at all to grow your Instagram page or simply, using too many tools all over the place. – I recommend using Inflact to improve page engagement rate accuracy.

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Conclusions. – Like Follower Ratio

These are the average Instagram likes numbers that you should be getting if you’re not sure how many likes you should be getting per follower.

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To know the exact number of Instagram followers number, you’d have to connect your IG account to a business account or a content creator account and tap into the insights to find out the exact number of followers you have.

FAQs. – Like Per Instagram.

How Many Likes Did I Get on Instagram this year?

You won’t see this number on Instagram as this social media platform is been around longer than TikTok, and you’d only be seeing this number of likes on a newer social media platform knowing the number of likes won’t help you get more followers but feel free to check out my ultimate follower tips shares exactly on how to get a lot of likes and followers on Instagram.

What is a Good Number of Followers on Instagram?

The more followers you have the better, you’d be opening yourself up to more money-making opportunities. But 10k followers is what you should be aiming at and at the same time, you don’t need 10k followers to make money, you can make it even at 100 followers, it’s called the 100 followers IPF formula.

What is The Average Amount of Followers on Instagram?

There is no average amount of followers on IG and if you’ve been wondering what is a good number of Instagram Followers, the more followers you have the better while knowing you don’t need 10k followers to make money. And if you’re only focused on getting followers but not money, it’d be a big mistake.

How Many Likes on Instagram to Get Money?

100 likes are fine which people would trust and you’re trying to get paid, but I still recommend that you check out my #1 recommendation.