How to Start a Blog in 7-Steps (Free Blogging for Beginners Guide) Best

WordPress blogging for beginners: A complete free guide on how to start a blog and make money blogging for free. Whether you’re in the UK (United Kingdom), US (United States), AUS (Australia), Canada, NZ (New Zealand), etc. you can use this blogging guide for absolutely free.

Whether you want to blog on Instagram, or Facebook, or start your own blogging career, etc. — This guide is free for you.

I’ll even reveal one of the safest ways that you can use to avoid being blocked and banned by social media to save your effort and continue to grow your blog to the next level and make 7-figure blogging by simply using this absolutely free guide today.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to DM me, and I’ll answer any questions you have for free.

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My name is Louis Huynh, I am a social media expert at WM Agency and today I’ll be a representative to guide you through setting up your blog. I’ve been launching multiple blogs and websites since 2001. And you’ll find it in this guide for assisting you with launching your first digital blogging career as a freelance digital business builder. I’ll be assisting you with how to start blogging today using this absolutely free guide.

Launching your first digital blog for you or your company is definitely a daunting task with knowing what to do and yes, I dug my own way up and made a ton of mistakes. But with this free blogging for beginners guide, you will be able to minimize your mistakes and have a shortcut to success in starting a blog.

  • No video recording is needed.
  • No HTML coding is needed.
  • No experience is needed.
  • No designing skills are needed.

You’ll find step-by-step tips and tricks to building your own brand using your own blog in your blogging career and generating your 7-figure from your blog for absolutely free.

So how do you start and what is the best way to start a blog?

Learn how to create a blog in 20 – 30 minutes maxed following these simple steps (don’t miss out on some of the secrets along the way)…

How to Start a Blog in 7-Steps:

  1. Pick a blog name (Domain Name): Tips on picking a million-dollar brand identity.
  2. Launch your blog online: Step-by-step setup process
  3. Install Free 1-Click WordPress: Free launch with 1-Click of button
  4. Blog optimization for free traffic: Preparation for attracting free traffic
  5. Launch first content: Launch the most vital content piece.
  6. Get free traffic and promote your Blog: Free promotion methods for getting your blog post to go viral.
  7. Make money blogging: Easy monetization methods for a brand new blog to generate an income online for free.

Is it Worth Starting a Blog this year?

What are you thinking about? Blogging is one of the best ways for you to make money online or to convert visitors for your company, and your customers into buyers who will be buying from you over and over again.

Even people with thousands of dollars cannot accomplish this free method to generate an income online for free, passive recurring income without paying any extra marketing dollars at all.

People with a large marketing budget can keep paying money to acquire buyers but what if they’re struggling to make a profit while advertising costs keep rising?

On the other hand, you can always keep acquiring free paying customers that will pay you over and over again and because of the fact that you’re using a blog, customers will thank you, trust and buy from you over and over again. That means you will get paid over and over again without spending a single dime on ads.

But take a look at this hot trend!


As you can see, this is not yesterday or last year. But over a 12-month period, you know what I started in 2001 and until now, the trend is still flowing like a tsunami. But this is exactly why you should learn how to start a blog today:

  • Make money from home without a product: With only a wifi connection, you can make money online from all over the world (US, UK, Canada, AUS, NZ), it doesn’t matter where. The best part is you don’t need to create your own product as well because it’s quite difficult to create your own product. You will learn how to make money blogging in this ultimate blogging for beginners guide as well.
  • Get free customers for your existing business: If you have a new launch company with a limited marketing budget or if not, you can still leverage the power of blogging to acquire free customers and generate more buyers over and over again for your company for absolutely free, they will buy your new product over and over again.
  • Get 1000 free Instagram followers: If you want to learn how to start a blog on Instagram, you can absolutely leverage a WordPress blog to acquire your first 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.
  • Set-it, forget-it: Yes, that’s right. You can set-it your blog correctly and forget-it. Unlike other social media posts, they only last for a few minutes to a week or 2 weeks and that’s it. All your posting effort will go back to zero, again. Hey, but with a blog, your blog posts last 1 – 2 years.

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What is a Blog?

A blog is a hub, and it’s not a website, but it’s a part of the website. For example, you have a website that sells products on teaching people how to make money online through digital products and all the product pricing displays for customers to see. Then to get customers to pay you and buy from you, you need one of the best marketing tools to get customers, which is called a blog.


Blogging is one of the best marketing tools that you can use, as mentioned, to get unlimited free buyers to pay you over and over again. And unlike social media posts, your marketing effort will last for 1 – 2 years, not 1 – 2 weeks. Do you know what’s the best part?

The best part is there are so many monetization methods that you can use to get paid 10x more income, personally, or acquire more customers than you think apart from using social media itself. With this free start a blog guide, I’ll introduce not just one, but several make-money methods that you’ll be able to get paid over and over again. What’s more?

You establish a long-term relationship with your customer by sharing the right information with potential buyers and turning them into trusted and recurring buyers so that you can get paid for your blogging career without having a product at all.

With blogging, you can also share personal stories to generate an income (not just personal stories that don’t get paid). You’ll learn of writing your first blog post during your blogging career and while learning how to start a blog.

Let’s get started on how you can start your blog today, shall we?

Step #1. Pick a Blog Name (Get a Free Domain Name)

Picking a blog name is simple and it doesn’t have to be as complex as you think. But I’ll be pointing out some of the key elements that you need to keep in mind so that your readers can find your blog easily, without any confusion while using different social media platforms.

If picking a free domain name takes you hours to come up, then you’re overthinking. Why? Have a look…


A good blog example here: As you can see “earthpix” found by Eric Damier, the word pix is not even a word. Again, he’s acquiring over 20M+ free Instagram followers under that company name. That means, if you’re taking 1-2 days/weeks to come up with a domain name then you won’t be able to launch your blog within 20 – 30 minutes.

Having said that, getting a domain name is free and I’ll show you how to get it for free later in this blog post. And at the same time, I’ll be sharing with you the most important tips that you need when coming up with a domain name to prevent any confusion to your readers and the psychology behind getting unlimited free traffic to your blog.

Stay tuned for 2 free special tools that you will find here…

1.1. How to Choose a Blog Name (Free Domain Name)

  • Keep it short (2 words recommended): 3 words is the maximum. Anything longer than that will confuse readers from visiting your site or at least make it harder to visit your site as they have to waste more energy memorizing and even typing. Just like a limitation of how you want to travel to Paris, UK, US, AUS, Canada, NZ, etc. but you have to buy a plane ticket and sit on a plane for 8 to 18 hours to get there. — keep your free domain name short!
  • Don’t use hyphens: Again, Yes, it’s clearer to read. But looking at this blogging long-term (btw you don’t just start a blog for 12 months right) You have never seen,, etc. It’d lower your brand value and limit the opportunity to make money blogging when you have your domain like that.
  • No numbers: Having numbers on a domain name is another way that you can lower your brand value. Imagine, can you see how unprofessional that is? At the next point, you will find out what is the most important part of picking your free domain.
  • Only use .com free domain name: Yes, when you do a Google search on how to make money online for free (you’ll see the majority of the domain ended with a .com extension) It is the most common method that you can use to increase your brand value and make money blogging.

1.2. Check Free Domain Availability

Blogging tool #1: LeanDomainSearch


If you are stuck on finding your domain name. LeanDomainSearch would be your best friend. All you have to do is type in 1-2 words, and it’ll spit out a ton of available names that you can use right away for absolutely free.

Get your free domain name now!

Step #2. Launch your blog online

It’s that time of the year, Merry Christmas! It’s time how to start a blog. But don’t wait until Christmas to start though. As promised, we need to start your blog for your blogging journey in 20 – 30 minutes.

To launch a successful blogging career, you need one thing, and you’ve got that one thing, which is a self-hosted blog.


Blog hosting is like a USB drive where you store all your word documents, images, videos, etc. but they are offline and you have to carry them around. But with hosting, it is completely online and you don’t have to carry it anywhere, it is completely on autopilot that you can use it to make money blogging from anywhere you like as long as you have a wifi connection to your phone. It is a must-have for your blog in order to start a blog for your blogging career.

When I first started to blog, the scariest thing came down to hosting, I thought I needed some technical skills, but I do not. Why? — I shared the instructions that you can use right away for absolutely free.

Do you know what’s better?

  • I reached out to BlueHost to get a big discount for you to get started right away which only costs you $2.95 a month (limited time only!) not $29.99. Unlike other brick-and-mortar businesses which cost you $100,000 to $1,000,000 US dollars to get into, let alone $5,000.

This blog is hosted by BlueHost. I personally recommended BlueHost, and it is beginner friendly for all new bloggers:

  1. You get an absolutely free domain name: making sure no other people can steal it.
  2. 30-day money-back guarantees: You’re getting your money back for some reasons that you’re unsatisfied with.
  3. 1-Click automatic WordPress installation:
  4. The reliable hosting company highly recommended by WordPress since 2005. BlueHost currently hosts over 2 million websites and blogs.
  5. Live chat support 24/7 via phone or messaging: If you have any questions or don’t know what to do, they will try their best to help you with all problems you might have.

Apply your discount when using any of their BlueHost links in this blogging for beginners guide to acquire a special 70% discount at $2.95 a month for a (limited time only).

Disclosure: I shared this absolutely free blogging guide to help you set up your blog without hassle. BlueHost compensates blufis when you make a purchase through the link. Additionally, if you have trouble setting up your blog or are stuck at some points, don’t hesitate to contact me for absolutely free (I’ll set up your blog for you!).

2.1. Click here for a 70% discount of $2.95 a month at BlueHost

(Limited time only!) + an absolutely FREE domain name.


Click this link to see that page and click on Get Started Now.

2.2. Select your “Plus Plan”


I personally recommend the Choice Plus, for $5.45 a month. As you can add more websites down the road when it comes to making money blogging, there will be other methods that you can use to double your blogging earnings by simply having the ability to connect “Unlimited domain name” to your Plus Plan.

If you choose to stick with a basic name with only 1-domain allowed. Then in the future, you will need to upgrade your plan which will be more expensive and you will have to deal with transferring. When you already have a blogging site that generates free traffic, you don’t want to deal with website or blog transfer which might crash the website for 24 – 72 hours. And readers don’t like to wait for a few days to see your work.

After you pick your hosting Choice Plus, simply enter your domain name that you will get for absolutely free.

2.3. Get your FREE Domain Name Here


Simply put your domain available in the “create a new domain” fill and get it registered for absolutely free with no extra cost.

  • Do not use enter your existing domain name, as you’ll have to deal with the hassle of transferring the domain name, and then, there will be a lot of technical skills required for you to even start a blog in 20 – 30 minutes.

2.4. Fill out a Simple form

Simply fill out your information and where you are from such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, etc. — Done! Next…

2.5. Select your Discounted Hosting Package

Select your desired hosting package below…


To keep this 70% off for a longer discounted price, I recommend that you’d select 36 months to acquire a long-term discount so when you get to make money blogging, you’ll be able to earn more than your small startup cost and continue to use BlueHost for free in the future. And also, you don’t plan to start a blog or business for just 12 months, right?

For Package Extra, Explained:

  • Domain Privacy + Protection: If you want to hide your home address, or email to prevent spam, personal information, etc. — I recommend this hosting package extra.
  • Codeguard Basic: This will always pack up your entire site. When you make a mistake that causes your blog to crash. With just 1-click of a button, you can restore your entire blog.
  • BlueHost SEO Tools Start: Help you gain unlimited free traffic from Google and Bing.
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox: FREE
  • SiteLock Security – Essential: Protect your site from malicious attacks!

2.6. Create a FREE BlueHost Account

The final step towards launching your blog is creating your very own free BlueHost account to get started. Next is optional…

Since you’re following this free blogging for beginners guide, you will have better information than the blog tutorial above. So, feel free to skip to the next step!

Step #3. Install 1-Click WordPress

As soon as you log in to your BlueHost Dashboard, you’ll be able to add a site. Simply, add a site and your blog is not live. Your blogging career officially begins now…


And, I’ll also give you extra blogging tips to optimize it better so you could begin to acquire free traffic coming to your website.

Step #4. Blog Optimization for Free Traffic

When you have the BlueHost SEO tools included in your package, you’ll have an extra boost to your site traffic, and using WordPress, is another free tool that will give your blog a boost so your blog posts can become more viral.

4.1. Login to your WordPress blog Dashboard

After you create your WordPress site, you’ll receive an email that includes your WordPress login information. Simply head over to, to log in to your WordPress DashBoard.

4.2. Optimize your WordPress Dashboard


When you first log in to your WordPress Dashboard, there will be a lot of mess and all you have to do is untick everything, and just “At a Glance” check.

4.3. Add a Premium Blog Theme Design

What’s a blog design? It’s like a dress or clothes that you put on yourself. You can get a WordPress theme design for absolutely free at no extra cost. But for marketing and professional brand image — I recommend you to use a premium WordPress theme design, well-optimized for SEO that helps you get free unlimited traffic.


WARNING! — Changing your blog theme designs later on, as your blog is growing will impact traffic, and its server (I highly recommend you use a premium theme – install once: set-it and forget-it).

  • SEO stands for search engine optimization and your blog theme designs contribute an important role to it. You’ll be getting free traffic as you’re building your blog. Therefore, I’m going to recommend that this blog is using ThriveThemes.


ThriveThemes is the official company owning these products. Apart from ThriveThemes, they also have other SEO-friendly WordPress theme designs that you can use to get free traffic to your blog from search engines.

  1. ThriveThemes is an all-in-one tool for all beginners to advance marketers without spending more and more money.
  2. ThriveLeads plays an important role that making sure your site is well-optimized to be able to rank on Google page #1 and build your email list.

After you purchase from this theme design bundle at a discount as they are a bundle. You will first download ThriveThemes and install the theme. Then followed by a ThriveLeads and ThriveArchitect which goes under this Suite. That means, install the child theme and click on “Activate” on the child theme (without activating the Genesis Framework, it’d already installed for you while you’re using the child theme).

You’re all set!

4.4. Change your Permalink

This part is important for SEO as well. Take a look at this example URL.

  • Bad example:
  • Good example:

The purpose is for SEO-friendly practices that Google and all other search engines prefer using that good example.


All you have to do is go to Settings > Permalink > Select “Post Name”.

4.5. Install Essential WordPress Plugins

After you start a blog, learn from this guide on how to start a blog. I’m going to share some vital plugins you need and one of them is for monetization method purposes.

  • Visit the plugin and click “Add New Plugin” to search for all of the plugins recommended below to optimize your site for free unlimited traffic.

4.5.1. Akismet

This plugin detects spam comments that you will see as your blog grows. One of the most important tips to prevent spam comments is to avoid SEO URL submission. When I first started, I used this method and I did not see any results from it at all. — so, don’t do it, and learn how you can grow using your blog.

4.5.2. YoastSEO

An important SEO WordPress plugin that works perfectly with your SEO-friendly theme design. This tool allows you to optimize your blog post and shows you exactly what you’re missing for getting your first 1,000 website visitors to your blog.

4.5.3. SocialSnap

While your blog is growing and as more and more readers are reading your blog, you need to have this tool in place ready for your visitors to share your blog post without going through the hassle of copying the URL and pasting your blog URL to their own social media page. With just 1-click of a button, your blog is shared all over the internet, and imagine how viral your blog post can become. — Install SocialSnap to your blog now! — 50% Off.

4.5.4. PrettyLink

This is the best WordPress plugin that you can use to print money on autopilot. Why? One of the monetization methods shared within this blogging for beginners guide on how to start a blog. You will be able to rebrand your website by simply using this tool and applying one of the monetization methods shared below. – Download PrettyLink Now!

4.6. Create a Premium Logo for Free

Branding is so important for your blog and for building that first impression for your visitors so that they come back to your blog over and over again, and you’ll be getting paid over and over again.


I recommend one of the best free design tools, which is Canva.

Step #5. Launch First Content

Before even learning how you can make money blogging, the most important element you must have on your blog is launching the first content that needs to be on the blog first and foremost.

5.1. How to Choose a Blog Niche/Topic & Name:

I’m going to walk you through quickly what you should be writing on your blog first. Most people are stuck at this point for days and still can’t decide how to use a blog to make money blogging. But you don’t have to:

  • Personal experiences: This is the easiest method that you can share what you do on a daily basis, stories that you have whether that be sad stories, ghost stories, fun stories, or you can simply make money sharing stories to build up a solid foundation for your blog content and submit it to one to other news or magazine sites.
  • Market a company product: If you’re currently running a brick-and-mortar business or have a product that you want to generate more sales. You can use a blog to share about your product.
  • Hobbies & passion: What’s your passion? Drawing, becoming a millionaire, dancer, basketball baller, etc. you can share about them on the blog and how you can help people improve what they do as well.
  • Documentation: This is easy. You don’t need to think. Let’s say you just learn how to start a blog using this absolutely free blogging for beginners guide and you started your blog using BlueHost. You can share what you did while you were launching your blog and why you wanted to start your own blogging career.

5.2. Warning! Important Content Needed

Static content: This type of page doesn’t change quite often, I’ll be sharing with you exactly what they are or you can change it every now and then, but you don’t have to. You’ll be adding these pages to your menu.

  • About Me (Us): This page should be what’s your main mission statement of your blog. Let your readers know exactly what your blog is about. How you are going to help your readers and your method of helping them as each person has their way of sharing or teaching.
  • Contact (Us): Another important page is that you show your readers that you care about them so that they can reach out to you. It is an important ranking factor that Google likes to see. Google wants to see your phone number, business address, etc.
  • Disclaimer Page: You need to write a short page on how you’re going to make money from your blog within this page and it doesn’t have to be a long one at all. If you’re using one of the monetization methods below to make money. Then you can just share how you use that method to make money blogging.
  • Privacy Policy: With 1-click of a button you can create this page for absolutely free. How? As soon as you create your WordPress, click into Settings > Privacy Policy, and you will be able to generate a privacy policy page for free you will need this for all make-money online methods later on.
  • Terms of Service: If you’re selling a physical product, or providing a service. Having a term of service explaining some of the liability will improve your customers’ dissatisfaction.

The last two static pages are usually located at the footer menu which is at the bottom of the website and whereas about and contact pages are usually located in the menu section. Whether what business you might be running. It’s important that you include these pages in your website or blog.

Dynamic Content: This type of content can change quite often. For example, your blog page, where every time you publish a new blog post, you’ll be seeing a new page updated to the blog page. Dynamic content usually is a blog page and your front page that you might be able to update quite regularly. And these types of pages can be included in both the footer menu and header menu.

5.3. How to Start a Blog: Write Great Blog Content

What’s great content exactly? Most people overthink this aspect of having great content. Therefore thinking that their content is great enough and postpone the publishing process for months to years. That’s the main reason that will be sharing the main key points that you can model after and immediately publish your blog post right away without any delay in growing your blog and making money blogging.


  • Define the Content: Knowing what to write within your blog post is key. You need to identify what your blog is about as previously mentioned by picking a topic for your blog in the above step. Let’s you have a dog and you want to learn how to start a dog blog, then you can document it and share a blog post about your dog, sharing how and why you want to build your dog blog.
  • Write for kids to read: Making money writing on your blogging career is not about writing a professional essay using high-level vocabulary. Your readers or website visitors will not have the time to read complex vocabulary and use Google translate it. You want to write like you’re speaking to a kid.
  • Engage The Reader: How? After you use simple English to write your blog post is already engaging your readers and all you have to do is incorporate several media such as images and video to illustrate your ideas (don’t just use a random image in your blog post).
  • Original Content: Don’t copy and paste other people’s content to your blog, Google will not like it and they won’t be giving free Google traffic by copying other people’s content. Follow the steps above to create your own content and it’s absolutely easy to do.
  • Original Photos: Use your own photo whenever possible and if you need to use other creators’ images, you’d have to include a credit back to the original creator of the image. Again, don’t just use random images in your blog post but use relevant images that would help clarify your idea.
  • Proofread Your Blog Posts: Best proofreading tool like Grammarly you can use to edit your post. But you don’t need to be excellent at English though, keep that in mind. All you need is to make sure there is no error such mistake as making money blogging. Instead of going through the entire blog post, you will see exactly all the errors you need to fix with Grammarly.

5.4. Publish your Ultimate Blog Post

After writing your blog post, all you have to do is wait for a day to refresh your mind while using Grammarly, making sure there are errors, and publishing it.

  • Don’t wait for a few days or you might end up postponing the blog post to go live.

Step #6. Get Free Traffic and Promote your Blog

After you’ve written your blog post, it’d take time for automatic Google traffic to read your site. If you want faster results, you will need to apply the method below to get free fast traffic to your blog. And don’t worry, I’ll be sharing with you some of the methods that you can get free traffic to your new blog in this how to start a blog guide.

6.1. Inform your warm market

Who is your warm market? It’d be your close family and friends, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing your blog site with them. Why? Because you should have already known what your blog is about and you could simply share with them and then they will automatically share with their friends, and soon. The potential of your blog going viral is huge.

6.2. Leverage social media

Social media is key to getting traffic to your blog and you need to know which platform provides the most effective results for your blog. I personally recommended Instagram and Twitter. If you want to gain 100k followers on Instagram you can Google search how to get Instagram followers by Blufis, you’ll see a complete guide there for absolutely free.

6.3. Leave meaningful blog comments

This method is great but doesn’t over-abuse this method such as leaving low-quality comments on other bloggers’ blogs. This will build low-quality SEO backlinks to your blog and Google doesn’t like it. — I recommend 5 – 10 blog comments would be amazing.

6.4. Response back to your blog readers

After you leave blog comments on other blogs, your blog will naturally attract high-quality bloggers that will like to support your blog. then, you’ll have to genuinely respond back to them. By doing that, more bloggers will become more enticed to share your blog content which will boost your chance of going viral even easier.

6.5. Collaborate with other bloggers

Apart from learning how to start a blog, you’ll also need to collaborate with other bloggers to grow your blogging career and your blog. Collaborating with other bloggers such as contributing a guest post on their blog, and allowing other bloggers to contribute their guest post for your blog.

6.6. Post consistently

Don’t get the wrong idea of posting consistently: You don’t need to post more blog posts. But you need to pick a schedule for your blog. For example, you might pick posting to your blog once a month, a week, every 2 weeks, etc. to stay consistent with the schedule to avoid burn-out.

6.7. Leverage email marketing


Warning! This is important: Leveraging email marketing so every visitor comes into the blog, you can collect their email address as an additional traffic method that you can use. Every time you publish a new blog post to your blog, you can notify your blogger and more people will be sharing your blog posts, which gives you a higher chance of taking your blog to the next level — I recommend GetResponse a tool that allows you create a landing page for free and collect your blog readers email contact information.

6.8. Ultimate Method of Getting Free Google Traffic

Getting Google traffic can be easy but you need a tracking tool in place, which is called Google Analytics. You can simply search for the tool and create your account. Then copy and paste your tracking code in the header tag in the theme editor folder.

  • Google: Get traffic from Google immediately using their webmaster search console tool and verify your blog.
  • Bing: Head over to Bing webmaster, also verify your blog, and start putting your blog into the Bing search engine.

6.8.1. Header Tags

This tag is simple to learn and it’s automatically done for you. There are six-header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) and each page should only contain a single H1, and all blogs are commonly using H2 and H3 only.

6.8.2. Categorization

Use the category section to organize your blog posts. Every new blog post can be selected where to allocate into different categories (1 blog post should only be included in 1 category, do not include 1 blog post into multiple categories).

Step #7. Make Money Blogging – How to Start a Blog

An exciting moment is coming for making money blogging. I’ll be sharing some of the best methods that you can make money from your blog and there will be a lot more methods that you can use to multiply your blog income.

7.1. Sell Advertising Space


This is one of the easiest methods to make money from your blog that one of the blog sites is currently using that generates over $1000 – $2000 a month by simply putting ads on your blog on autopilot without doing anything.

However, to accomplish this you’ll need at least 10 – 20 blog posts before you can get started to accept into Google Adsense or I’ll be introducing a new platform that you’ll be able to use immediately without needing any visitors going to your blog and you can start making money right away.

7.2. Become an Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing is the most lucrative method that you can use to generate a big commission that you add on top of the first method above.

I’ve written a complete guide on how you can use affiliate marketing alone to generate your first 6-figures income online by following this guide here.

7.3. Sell Products and Services


Another make-money blogging method that you can apply to your blog to open up your third income stream is selling an existing product or service you might have.

Let’s say you have a dog blog that shares tips on how people can take care of pets better, you can simply provide consulting training with your readers by adding a new page explaining our service and giving them the option to call or contact you via your contact page.

7.4. Sell Digital Products (An Online Course)


The fourth income stream that you can make unlimited from your blog is selling an online course. With the previous make-money methods, you have to physically provide consulting yourself. Now you can create your own online course with pre-made training lessons to let your readers buy from you and with that, you can generate unlimited free income online from your blog on autopilot.

7.5. Sell Memberships

The ultimate method that you can recurring passive income from this one is that you can get paid recurring income from your training. Again with the previous methods, you’re providing an online course training. Now, with an updated version where you provide frequent updates to your course training, along with resources. You can start to build a membership site to get paid recurring passive income. — you can learn everything here.

I’ll share with you guys more methods that you’ll be able to make money blogging with separate blog posts in-depth and for now, be sure to follow this free blogging for beginners guide on how to start a blog.

FAQs. — How to Start a Blog

What makes a successful blog?

Being able to help people solve their problems within your own blogging platform and ultimately, generate unlimited money from your blog. Another key point is that to make a blog successful you must stay consistent with what you are blogging about and avoid blogging about everything from health, to wealth to relationships, just in a single category.

What do you need to start a blog?

You only need a hosting platform from BlueHost and a free domain name to connect them together and start printing money on autopilot.

What should my blog be about?

Finding what to blog about is simple. Have a look around your living space, you can literally blog about it as everything is their own problem and you will be able to blog and share the solution to help people and therefore, you make money blogging.

How do I find a profitable niche for my blog?

A profitable niche is something that a lot of people talk about. And in this century, everything around you right now will have millions of people that talk about what you want to blog about.

How do I name my blog?

I shared a simple method that you can get a free name for your blog and a simple way that you can pick a smart name for starting your blogging career if you check out the link above.

What do you do if your domain name is taken?

You can easily pick a new domain name or you can literally contact the owner to buy it.

Where is the best place to create a blog?

BlueHost + WordPress is the best place that you can start your blog right now, with just 1-click of a button, you can launch your blog within 20 minutes.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start a blog for $2.95 a month to $5 and $10 a month when your blogging is growing. And I have never seen any business that is this cheap to get started and make money blogging.

Do bloggers make money?

Bloggers make money easily with the methods I shared with you where you can combine multiple methods to make money blogging.

How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid from multiple methods. The easiest method is placing ads on your website combined with affiliate marketing that will allow you to dramatically grow your income online.

Should I start my blog on WordPress?

WordPress is the only place that you need to use to get started on your blog for absolutely free combined with a hosting company.

Is WordPress free?

WordPress is absolutely free you can use it for your blog and start making money blogging right away.

How often should I blog?

It doesn’t matter how often you should blog, it’s about the consistency you’re blogging. For example, blogging once a week, a month, etc.

Why do blogs fail?

Bloggers only fail when they try to talk about everything from health, wealth, and relationships. Simply stick with a single category and don’t quit, if you quit as a blogger that is when your blog fails.