Best 17+ Instagram Automation Tools for Followers

Do these best Instagram automation tools still work anymore? You’re coming to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to grow your page to 10,000 followers in a month.

The only tool that is still working, getting your first 1,000 followers on Instagram.

The one and only free book I read that allows me to grow my page and it shares one of the Instagram posting bots I need along with all the best Instagram tools for automation that may or may not get you banned forever.

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What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation helps you get more followers by doing all the repetitive tasks you have to do such as auto-likes for Instagram and follow-for-follow which help you gain followers most, and it’s also the easiest way that you can get action blocked and shadowbanned.

Not just with automation tools but you can get them very quickly by applying manual methods (by hand). I’ll explain more later in this blog post.

Instagram automation also has all the IG automation activities listed below:

  • Direct messages on Instagram.
  • Schedule posts for Instagram.
  • Hashtags Generator.
  • Human growth service.

I hope you like this guide so far, I’ll explain even more but first join the free updates.

Now, it’s important to know if you’re allowed to use these best IG bots or not.

Free Instagram Automation Tool: Grow 10,000 Followers Without Getting Banned

First of all, speaking of free Instagram automation tools. Unfortunately, none of them are Instagram automation-free tools.

You can get started for a free trial, and some tools do give you 30-day, and 7-day trials.

Price ranges from lowest to highest.

After researching and working on how to grow my Instagram page, I was to achieve a great number of followers which allows me now to write this blog post for you and share with you how I grow it.

When you’re getting started and feeling stuck right now, I’d say check in with my #1 recommendation that you could learn everything from A to Z.

  • Of course, you’ll have to cover a small handling fee and wait for it to ship. But you can literally, get started with a digital version for free so you can get started right on how to grow 1,000 followers on Instagram. Check out my #1 recommended tool that I’m using every day below.

Next on these tools, I found if you use them, some of the best Instagram automation apps will get you banned forever. – Check out my #1 recommendation.

17 Best Instagram Automation Tools for Growing 100k Followers



Even though you can use this bot that likes Instagram posts I don’t recommend it.

But if you don’t want to go from one Instagram growth tool to another Instagram tool, all the way from downloading Instagram videos, IGTV, hashtags research, scheduling tools, growing followers automatically, etc.

  • Basically, whatever you need for Instagram, even going viral on Instagram, this Instagram-free automation is important.
  • Save your time without jumping from one place to another place.

They also have an Instagram likes bot and auto-follow which I don’t recommend. Apart from that, Inflact is an all-in-one tool that makes this the #1 top Instagram bot cheap with great customer service and they have an auto direct message to your followers that allows you to get to generate an income on autopilot. – Use Inflact for free, today.



SocialSensei is a human growing service for your Instagram page, it is also the best Instagram automation tool that you could use for your business.

They dedicate your own Instagram account for their individual agency to grow your Instagram page for you.

  • They’d even create content for your page.
  • Research relevant topics related to your page.

As you can see, they mention finding target audiences for your page and in whatever niche you’re in, they will be able to build the page for you.

It is a human service that is safe to use. Instead of using Instagram bots to perform actions of following/unfollowing, it’s better to use humans.

Depending on how experienced each of their agency is, due to each account being different, some accounts can take more Instagram actions than others. Therefore, it really depends on the agency that works with your account by them knowing the limits of your accounts.

If you have a business and have multiple tasks to take care of, I’d recommend you use one of these best Instagram automation tools.



Instagram doesn’t go against hashtags, therefore this tool is working normally as always.

In fact, you do not need any of the automation tools below. When you try hashtags and see it works for you while knowing how to use hashtags, you’ll be able to outgrow all these automation tools without violating any Instagram terms of service.

With this tool

  • they will analyze your account to identify best performing hashtags for your profile,
  • with the best-performing hashtags for your Instagram account, getting the most likes for the latest post is easier while getting more followers over time as well because you can rank #1 on those hashtags.

When I first discovered this tool, it was free and due to the number of customers using the service, it’s no longer free, which means HashtagsForLikes works.



This service is still actively running advertising on Google when you search for their company that means, the service is working and they’re accepting new customers.

How it works: You’ll hire a manager within Upleap to grow your account for you to save you time and they’re currently providing you with a 3-day trial.

  • I believe they’ll be using their own automation tool mentioned in this best Instagram automation tool blog post to work for your Instagram page within the 3-day trial, then once you became a member of the service, they will use a human service to grow your account for you.
  • When they use an agency to grow your account, it works well.

I personally do have a highly recommend automation Instagram tool that I use which fully leverages agency to grow your Instagram anybody can hire an agency to do the work, but knowing what to do is very important. – Check out the best Instagram growth with Upleap.



Another scheduling Instagram that I’m using.

This is certified that I before getting into these best Instagram automation tools.

I’m only using this for Pinterest for the time being and I don’t use it for Instagram for automation scheduling, but the best part is, they’re certified with Instagram as their best third-party app.

This service is only around $9.99 a month, and they will schedule your post at the best time.

So click here to get this cheap tool that will save you time and allow you to grow your following on other social media platforms.



This is a great tool that you can use, they have 2 types of growth hacks for your Instagram account. However, all this activity will not get you banned, it is a half analytics tool and hashtags research tool.

Basically, you won’t be spamming the follow/unfollow button to get banned.

One of the best features of Combin is they will go out there to find the relevant account to yours so that you could get more Instagram followers fast.

  • Another tool of Combin is scheduling your posts: Scheduling your post is important to organize the look of your overall Instagram page so that you could get more followers.

Definitely check out Combin scheduler.



This tool helps you get more viewers on the Instagram story, as you can see mass story engager.

I check their Instagram account and they have a few customer testimonials, and they are from a few 9+ months ago.

  • It’s a typical tool providing bot service for every Instagram service such as follow/unfollow. Although they have that feature they only recommend their customers to use their story engager and DM Inbox.

I personally wouldn’t recommend you guys use this feature.



Kicksta is a human growth service for your Instagram page.

As you can see, no spam, no fake followers, and no bots. Just organic growth by humans. Therefore, an agency of this company will grow your Instagram account for you.

They even put an example between a bot Instagram commenting vs a human Instagram commenting for you to see. After seeing a few humans grow services for your Instagram page and the best Instagram automation tools, you can definitely switch between.

If the agency from the company a is not working that great, you can switch to company b – See how Kicksta works.


StimSocial is a safe service that I’d recommend you to use, it’s one of the best Instagram automation tools, you don’t need to connect your account with this service.


It’s a simple process of finding hashtags for accounts that are relevant to your account.

Depending on which photo you publish in the day, you can upload a photo to the platform and they will generate a list of 30 Instagram hashtags that you can use for that photo.

You can post in a photo format, URL format, or keyword.

  • Using relevant hashtags on your account is important. Let’s say you post a photo about making money online but for some reason, you’re using hashtags within the make money online, then you won’t get many eyeballs to your posts at all.

I use my secret hashtags strategy to grow my Instagram page hashtags it’s completely safe to use and knowing how to use, it’s important. – Check out my #1 recommendation.

StimSocial is also an analytic tool that allows you to identify who your target audience is and then grow your followers using the data available. Setting up your Instagram account is the proper way that will allow you to grow your followers. – Click here if you want to grow your followers.



This is a smart tool, you’ll different types of affiliate links to make money with Instagram using this tool.

Instead of having a 1-affiliate link on your Instagram bio.

With this tool, you can put 5+ affiliate links, which means you can make up to 5x money with Instagram.

You can make money fast with Instagram and a lot of people click on your link but you need followers.

Check out my #1 recommendation.

Sendible – Agency Management Tools


This tool claims to be the #1 tool for Social media management tool.

If you want to build an agency via social media, it’s called SMMA.

You’re basically using this tool to schedule posts for your social media accounts.

But you can put 10+ accounts into a panel that you can look at it as a whole, don’t have to go each platform and check the performance.



After quick research on SocialCaptain, you can see “Sign-in with Instagram”. Immediately triggers me to think, about not being part of it.

It is an automation tool that will trigger Instagram to ban your account when connecting your account with a third-party app. This tool might be the best Instagram automation tool back a few years ago, but not moving forwards.

This is a typical tool that performs very similar actions such as following/unfollowing which Instagram doesn’t like.

Should you be using these Instagram automation tools? As it’s not a human growth service, and it’s a bot. Therefore, I’d recommend this free 7-secret book that you can get for free.



IconoSquare is another great analytics tool.

Again, analytics on the content that you’re putting on Social media is important.

That led you to growth.

Let’s say you made post a and post b, to find out the performance of the post you’d need an analytics tool, and yes, Instagram provides analytics, however, it’s limited and external tools are built for in-depth analyzing your content.

However to even be able to analyze the content you’re putting out.

Grow your followers is very important. The most effective way to grow your followers is by knowing how to do it. – Click here the best Instagram automation tools.



FollowerAdder is another best Instagram automation bot free that’ll have to detach your service from the online web.

Automation on Instagram for FollowAdder seems to be working when you DM people.

  • When you get a follower, this service will save you time to DM a thank you message to your followers. This is not too bad, when you open a conversation with your followers, you can be friends with them and chat to make money faster than without messaging your followers when they follow.

Followers might unfollow you that’s why when you open up the conversation, at least you can talk to them again.

Helpful Blog Posts:

Conclusions. – Instagram Automation Tools

Overall, It’s great that you got up to this point.

Let’s sum up, what you can use and what you cannot use for your best Instagram automation tools. What are the best ways to grow your Instagram followers fast? I’m talking 10,000 followers in 30 days. It’s a step-by-step, easy to follow:

  1. Get your Free IG Book.
  2. Select a niche that you want to post photos about.
  3. Use 30 Instagram hashtags for your post.
  4. Read your free IG book if you want to grow by yourself or start using our Human Growth Service for your Instagram page, where we will take your page to 10,000 followers fast.
  5. Done.

Grow Bot For Instagram Recap

You can’t use any of the best Instagram bots but you can use Human growth service.

Don’t try to connect anything with your Instagram account.

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  • I hope now you realize whether you should use the best Instagram bots to help you get more Instagram followers without ignoring them or waste your time to only focus on 1-social media platform which they might ban you for no reason.

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