Find Who Blocked You on Instagram: #1 Easy Method

Find who blocked you on Instagram can easily be spotted, and you’ll discover apps that do the job for you, and an online version as well.

I’ll even show you how to stop more people from blocking you so you don’t place a negative impact on your IG account growth in the future. How to double your followers if they blocked you as well, also an ultimate app with a larger number of reviews.

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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

When you use the hashtags search tool at the explore page to search for an Instagram profile and if you can’t see their Instagram activities or Instagram posts.

But you can only see their Instagram profile picture, which looks like this,


  • This person makes 150+ posts, but IG says there are “No Posts Yet”: There might be more people that blocked you, let’s take a look at the online version first before we get into those apps…

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram Online Free

To find out a list of who blocked you on Instagram online and even the Reddit community won’t be able to help you with.

Due to the fact that only apps listed in this blog post will be able to help you with it. But check out the next part though, you don’t want more and more people to block you that’d impact your IG growth.

How to Prevent People Who Blocked You on Instagram

When you get blocked on Instagram, a common sign would be being negative with strangers. Especially, if you’re not open-minded and mention in the Instagram caption likes this:

That brings us to the final question.

Should You Block Them Back?

When taking any action against other Instagram profiles such as blocking or restricting profiles, it raised a red flag to your own account as well. Instead of blocking them learn how to double your followers on Instagram.

Get More Followers Than Who Blocked you on Instagram

I share a ton of Instagram tips on how to grow your page and you can find them right here

One of many blog posts, this Instagram Automation: The #1 BEST Definitive Guide – I shared exactly what tools are still working right now on Instagram that you can leverage automation without getting action blocked or shadowbanned.

By using automation tools, you’ll be able to prepare your posts for 365/24/7 without touching your Instagram using a blog to continue to double your followers.

#1 Apps To See Who Blocked You on Instagram

Before diving into this followers app, if you’re looking for who blocked me on the Instagram app free. Then I have to tell you that, after checking over 10 – 20 apps, none of them are free.

You’d have to pay at least $1 – $3 to find out who blocked you on social media. But the number #1 app with a great number of positive and negative reviews are followers app that does not waste your time to collaborate with.

5.1. Followers Track for Instagram


I personally used this app before but I didn’t bother checking who blocked me, just purely for engagement check and who unfollowed me on Instagram. However, have a look at the recent negative reviews that talk about the main feature you’re looking for. None of these apps are working at all, they could either be fake or made up by random people that blocked you.


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If Who Blocked You Bothering You – Conclusions

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Later on, when you double their followers, they will eventually unblock you while you don’t want to block them back which would impact your IG page health score.

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