Inflact Reviews: Best #1 All-in-One Instagram Tools

Inflact reviews changed its company name from Ingramer, It’s not Ingremer but sees The ultimate Inflact reviews and the #1 all-in-one automation tool you need.

Whether you already have 100k followers or 10k followers growing, you need this Instagram tool as it has everything you need and still developing more features.

You’ll find everything you need to know and how to leverage this tool to grow and avoid the Instagram ban by over-abusing the platform.

I’ll even share what feature is good to use and ultimately set your page to growing on autopilot without touching your page.

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What is Inflact?

Inflact is currently the #1 growing automation tool I mentioned every other tool here and some of them, you just shouldn’t be using.


Let me share exactly what happened to me before diving into the details of each Inflact feature you need to grow your followers.

Prior to this Instagram tool and even now, you’ll find a lot of software companies that only have 1 to 2 Instagram automation features at max.

  • When each company has only 1 – 2 automation features, I almost had to subscribe to all the premium subscriptions.

So, I had like 5 – 10 subscriptions from different companies that I don’t need to use anymore as I already hit 10k followers.

Do you know what’s the worst part?

I forgot to cancel the subscriptions and got overcharged even though I didn’t use it, asking for a refund after months of using the software is not an option.

But thanks to Inflact, if you look into all the features below, you’ll find all the Instagram tools you need.

It is an all-in-one place. That means,

  • Apart from worrying about canceling subscriptions.
  • I don’t have to jump to 10 different software companies to adjust the Instagram growth speed.

That saves me from so much stress.

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Inflact All-in-One Marketing Toolkit for Growing 100k Followers

Before getting into these individual features, keep in mind I’ll share some of the illegal tools that you shouldn’t be using to avoid the Instagram ban.

Inflact Instagram Tools Main Features

Target Growth Feature

Apart from picking your IG niche, it’s important for finding the correct person that allows your account to grow even faster.

  • You can be in a money niche, but if you target people that do not like money, then it’s going to slow down your page growth.

This feature at Ingrammer allows you to target the precise audience who are more likely to purchase your product.

Inflact Profile Analyzer

If you want to grow your page faster, leverage this Instagram feature which is currently FREE and I doubt they would begin to charge money for this feature.


Using this feature allows you to analyze their page and based on the information you can negotiate a better Instagram shoutout price.

Click here for free Inflact.

Instagram CRM

The ultimate tool for analyzing your account followers and categorizing them into a relevant category for example the most engaging group of followers.

If you want faster growth.

It’s key to laser target down and knows what your audience is all about so you can post more Instagram content that they like which allows you to blow up on the explore page.

Instagram Search

Another absolutely free tool to use, right now but not if it’s going to be free anymore in the future.


  • You can find your relevant influencers, partners, and competitors in the vast majority of the IG niche.

Use the profile analytics tool with advanced filters to discover highly relevant Instagram pages to target.

Inflact Hashtag Generator

Most people try to new followers without using hashtags which is the number 1 Instagram mistake.

Have a look,


You could immediately increase your chance of getting more followers by using a simple hashtags trick.

  • Apart from using hashtags, using the right hashtags you could get more followers are important.

Using hashtags that you can’t compete with would be struggling.

Depending on your niche, you can simply put seed hashtags like money into the Inflact hashtags generator that generates hashtags that are relevant to your account.

Trending hashtags

Having a mix of the most popular hashtags for followers is important to leverage the current trend for an extra follower boost.


  • The important part is finding trending hashtags to use but not the banned trending hashtags.

Or when using too many trending hashtags on your hashtags group is the #1 mistake for triggering Instagram shadowbanned.

Thanks to Inflact, you can find all the relevant trending hashtags you need easily.

Smart Unfollow

First of all, if you stay up to this point.

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  • You do not want to use this smart unfollow to avoid the Instagram ban. But you can leverage this tool to clean up your following and non-following back easily.

As soon as you found who unfollows you and who not following you back, you can immediately unfollow them.


Auto Follow

Another prohibited feature that does not want to use.

Although this Instagram tool is saying you can use this, you do not want to use it to avoid the ban.

  • Follow, and unfollow is not the only way to grow your Instagram account and you do not need to get upset when this feature doesn’t work.

Stay tuned for the ultimate Instagram feature I’m going to share with you next and you’d be amazed.

Auto Like

An additional prohibited Inflact feature you do not want to use to avoid the ban.

  • Instagram might or might not care about this feature but you do not want to use it to avoid the ban.

If you do want to use it, definitely use it on a new Instagram account to test out this feature on a new account.

What’s better?

If this feature actually works.

According to one of the followers’ growth tips, engaging on other people’s profiles to grow your page engagement is important.

Instagram Downloader

Growing my 10k Instagram followers is not that easy without this tool.

  • Especially when you’re trying to download IGTV which no app can be used and you’d have to use your laptop for download to repost IGTV.

With Inflact Instagram Downloader, you can download anything from Instagram and even download your Instagram story as well.


According to this post on new IG updates, leveraging the new IG features is key to growing your followers. Why?

Instagram would reward whoever is using their new feature and that means, getting new Instagram followers won’t going to be hard.

For example, Instagram Reels. ­– If you don’t see Instagram Reels, stay tuned for the release.

Instagram Stories Viewers

Another prohibited Instagram automation tool that you do not want to use to avoid the Instagram ban.

  • Instagram might take this feature lighter than other automation features, but again, don’t get banned from using this feature.

At the same time, get ready for the surprise which I’ll be sharing with you later.


Inflact’s Instagram stories viewers are only one of many ways to increase your Instagram story views.

So don’t be upset about this.

Instagram Fonts Generator

Inflact’s fonts generator is one of the most important features you need to really stand out when you use the EV Instagram comment trick.


  • EV Instagram comment tricks is just a random name, but a lot of people already know this trick when using the font generator will differentiate you and get more traction to your comment.

That’d mean…

more likes, more shares, more comments, and more followers straight into your Instagram account.

Get instant access.

Ultimate Inflact Services

Before getting one of the most important parts of the Inflact automation tool is be sure to check out my #1 recommended.

Now, you might be impressed by this, but check out my ultimate trick so you don’t have to ignore your Instagram page while seeing your follower growth on autopilot.

Instagram post scheduler

You might not be impressed much by this feature, but unless you can go back in time to the year 2010 that’s when you can automate by using follow and unfollow bot Instagram with no problems.


  • But since this automation tool still works, it’s time to leverage this tool and let it work by itself and leave and ignore Instagram.

What you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step below:

  1. Pick a niche: Without a niche, it’s not possible to grow quickly.
  2. Prepare your Instagram content accordingly to your niche.
  3. Prepare 10 Instagram hashtags set: Never use the same hashtags over and over again.
  4. Load your Instagram content onto Inflact: Sit back and relax, this tool will automate the best time you can post to get the most followers.
  5. Make money: right away and don’t wait until you reach 10k Instagram followers.

Direct Messages – The Best Instagram Message Automation

Fortunately, this auto-direct message on Instagram at Inflact works super well and it is the exact tool you need to make money, but don’t bother thinking you need to message 100 people at the same time to make money.


  •  You can clearly filter all messages you need in place so you don’t have to remember or be confused when you have to DM too many people.
  • Leveraging direct messages to make money on Instagram without manipulating this feature is key.

You might be able to use this, but I’d never recommend you to try it to completely avoid the Instagram ban.

If you want to the complete automation process to make money with Instagram with ZERO followers, you need to see something important.

Is Inflact safe?

Inflact is definitely safe and it is one of the best automation tools that you should be using to get the most out of Instagram as much as possible.

But let me share some pros and cons of this Instagram tool.

The Pros

  • All-in-one place: You can have all your marketing toolkits in a single place without wasting time or forgetting canceling membership.
  • Leverage current available free Instagram tools to sky-rock your Instagram growth without getting banned by Instagram.
  • Rank #1 on Instagram hashtags generated based on your account size.
  • Analyze your account so you can find out how double your followers’ growth is overnight.
  • Download any kind of Instagram content, Instagram story, IGTV, photo, videos, etc.

The Cons

  • Can’t automate follow/unfollow while keeping in mind doing follow/unfollow might ruin your account engagement as well.
  • Can’t auto likes and can’t auto Instagram stories view.

Keep in mind, that you shouldn’t be manipulating these features as they are NOT the only way you can grow fast on Instagram, and in fact, if you’re using the Instagram scheduler, Instagram will reward your account even better.

That means more likes, followers, and more money.

Inflact Alternatives

If you’re looking for Inflact alternative, I’ll just assume, you looking for an automation tool that you can auto-follow, and unfollow.

Unfortunately, you don’t want to risk this.

  • But if you don’t want to grow by yourself you can leverage InstaBoom – they will dedicate an account manager to grow your account for you.


Since there won’t be any automation tool you can use.

Inflact is the best all-in-one tool you need for downloading Instagram content, hashtags generator, finding trending hashtags, etc.

If you’re looking at other available automation tools I mentioned in that blog post, each company only has a few features you can use and is way more expensive than this tool.

What’s more?

  • Let’s say you reached 10k organic followers, you don’t need these tools any except you might want to automate the posting process to get followers on autopilot.


Inflact Results

If you’re looking for results using Inflact, I’d again assume that you’re looking for some automation tool that could auto-follow/unfollow for you.

If you do try them, you’re risking your Instagram page for the Instagram ban.

Other than that, Inflact Instagram tools bring in almost 5 stars reviews.


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I hope you like this post where I reveal all the features of what you can and cannot do to avoid getting banned by Instagram.

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