Instagram 10k Followers Benefits [Best Guide]

Instagram’s 10k followers benefits have a ton of them. You’ll learn the #1 benefit of having 10k followers right in this post. Now If you haven’t reached the 10k mark, share this post on Twitter.

Be sure to read the benefits of having 1000 followers on Instagram as well that’s how you’re going to grow, I also shared all the bonus Instagram 10 000 followers tips you need.

Creating a Pinterest account is easy, it will also help you get more Instagram followers by simply pinning.

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What is 10k Followers Mean?

10k followers on Instagram means you have 10000 followers on Instagram or fans. Would you like 10k followers?

  • Most people think in order to generate an income on Instagram they need to have 10k followers, but in reality, they don’t and what’s worst?

Instagram limits your reach to a point like when you have 1000 followers or less.

So there is no point in waiting to get to that point instead of making money while growing your account and that’s what 10k means on Instagram.

3 Benefits of 10,000 Followers on Instagram

Have a look at how many followers I gain on a daily basis right now, this is before the 10k mark. Right now, I’m gaining around 25 – 50 new fans daily.


Keep that photo in mind for the first benefit…

Benefit #1: Get More Instagram Followers Faster

Now at this point, you see my pages are getting from 25 – 50 new followers right?

This is on a daily basis.

  • When you reach 10000 Instagram followers, you’ll be gaining even more followers which could be from 50 – 100 new fans!

But know that, Instagram would limit your reach when you reach that point, check this post How to grow Instagram Followers? – Let Me Solve…

The second benefit…

Benefit #2: Experience the 10k Instagram Money, Faster.

Another Instagram 10k Followers Benefits… now, you notice I said “faster” but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until you reach 10k followers to make money.

I original use this method on Facebook, but since I notice they only allow you to have 5000 friends and you have to remove friends, it’s time to switch over to Instagram, but I learn all my skills in this Instagram course.

Benefit #3: Link in IG Story

Now, without 10k Instagram followers, you cannot add a link to a story. The only place you can add a link is in the bio.

That means with the correct strategy in place, you can add even more links to your Instagram page.

  • The more links you can add, the more money you can make.

Don’t let this stop you!

Let get talk about the benefits of having 1000 followers on Instagram next…

Instagram 1000 Followers Benefits

When having 1000 followers, the effect of growing to 10k will be faster. Now at this point, you should already be getting at least 300 likes to 600 likes.

As I talked about the exact number of likes you should be getting per follower, starting from 100 to 1 million followers… right in this post Like Follower Ratio: how many likes should you get per follower?

  • I mentioned you only have 100 followers to get paid, having 1000 followers is going to be massive.

Next, most people make this biggest mistake!

Buy Instagram Followers 10k

Now that you know Instagram’s 10k followers benefits, what you can and cannot do?

Never push yourself to fake the process, I always share with people.

Most people think they need to get the link in an Instagram story and a certain number of followers like 10k, 100k, 1m then to make money on Instagram.

But no, 100 followers are everything to grow from there. Now…

What Happens After 10k Followers on Instagram?

What happens when you get 10k followers on Instagram?

I share a ton of IG tips on this blog and after using them to get over 10k followers, it’s time to accelerate.

Earlier you saw I’m getting that number of followers daily right?

  • When you reach 10k, you’re going to be a beast of growing your page all the way to 100k, 1 million followers.

If you’ve been posting 3 times a day, why not post more?

With 10k on Instagram, it’s just so many people that you can easily reach out to, for more deals or business growth opportunities that’s what happens when you reach 10k followers on Instagram.

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Ultimate Tips on How To Get 10000 Followers on Instagram Free

Regardless of how many followers you want to have, the strategies are the same, and I shared the ultimate guide you can check out the ultimate IG guide.

But at the same time, I’d share sever important strategies you need to get started right away.

1. Know your Field

What field are you in?

As Instagram has billions of users on its platform if you’re trying to post anything and everything, getting more and more followers will just be a hope.

That’s why having your own niche/topic is what you need.

If you check out the post where I said here, you’ll find out everything you need in detail and niches example you can get in right now.

2. Grow 10k Followers on Autopilot

Now, keep this in mind.

  • Stop looking for a robot that can do follow unfollow for you to get followers. Even though I have 10000 followers on Instagram and do use the autopilot method, I don’t use the restricted options.

That is not the only way to get more followers by doing F4F. In fact, when you’re using mass follow to unfollow, your account might be liable to a banned or engagement dropped in the future.

In order to grow on autopilot have your niche and utilize this ultimate all-in-one tool or simply join my #1 recommended IG method.


Conclusions. – Instagram 10k Followers Benefits

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FAQs. – Instagram 10k Followers Benefits

How To Get 10k Followers on Instagram In one day?

If you have a large marketing budget then you can use Instagram influencers to grow your page to 100k in 24hrs. But never buy fake followers. Yes, it is cheap.