89+ Best Instagram Names to Get Followers

Best Instagram Names to get followers and username ideas for Instagram are important as you’d be able to get more followers and likes.

You’ll learn everything in this blog post, from picking your best Instagram name to knowing which name is the best fit for different types of Instagram accounts.

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What is a Unique Username or Good Usernames on Instagram?

A unique username or good usernames on Instagram is when you’re not trying to copy other people name as I did.

At the time, I was so inspired by @earthpix and I started one of my Instagram pages @earthvessle. But that’s okay.

  • Don’t be manipulative like picking a name like @earth_pix132, @earth.pix31followers, etc.

That’s what you’ll learn in this blog the steps to take toward getting the best username ideas for Instagram.

Keep in mind, having the best name on Instagram doesn’t mean you’ll easily be getting followers, I shared all the tips in that blog post and the best method is through using the right hashtags that you can #1 for a long period of time.

Check out this #1 tool that you can use for finding hashtags that fit your profile. Now, let’s take a look at the name step below for the best username for Instagram.

4 Steps Picking the Best Username Ideas For Instagram to Get Followers.

Due to this blog post going to be a long post, I’ll preview of these 4 steps, and when you’re ready you’ll be able to find the complete blog post I linked for you.

  • Pronunciation: If you want more Instagram likes and followers, pronunciation is key. Let’s say 100 new people visit your Instagram profile, and only 80 people follow you, and the other 20 will be able to use the Instagram hashtags search tool to look for your username and follow you.
  • Length: You always need to help people memorize as nobody has time to memorize your username, our job is to help at least have a small picture of your username.
  • Gender/Ethnicity/Religion: Yes, don’t use a username that harasses people or disrespects people’s beliefs even though you don’t believe in any ethnicity or religion to avoid Instagram bans and people blocking you when reading your page.
  • Popular Names: After you have an Instagram niche idea in mind, use the hashtag’s search to find the most popular account and avoid those words they already used in their username.

Your Username Ideas for Instagram Reflect 3 Types of IG Accounts: Personal branding, business account, and niche Page – that is what I always talked about in the blog post.

Instagram Usernames Generator

Instagram usernames generator is not a great option as you can already be calling it username generator, by using a robot to generate a name for your Instagram and expecting to make money on Instagram it’s hard.

  • Even if you use the username generator based on personality or finsta name generator, it’s better to utilize the steps above to create username ideas for Instagram.

Now, let’s get to the main event of this blog post.

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89+ Username Ideas for Instagram to Get 1000 Likes

These are the best username ideas for Instagram below, I spent several days collecting these names, and not sure when you’re reading, they might have been taken.

But not to worry, you can come up with the best username ideas for Instagram for yourself after you read the 4 steps to pick the best Instagram names to get followers.

Cool Instagram Names

If you want more Instagram followers having cool usernames for Instagram would be beneficial for receiving likes before followers.

  • RainBow Salt: @rainbowsalt
  • I Dream of Unicorns: @idreamofunicorns
  • Fuck you Make Art: @fuckyoumakeart
  • Lesparisienne Dumonde: @lesparisiennesdumonde
  • Come feel me: @comefeelme
  • Coyota Flowers: @coyoteflowers
  • Watts on: @watts.on
  • Lovers land: @loversland
  • Motal Vibes: @motelvibes
  • Fog Wood and Fig: @fogwoodandfig

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Cool Usernames for Games

These are great cool usernames for games if you’re in the game niche on IG or live streaming on YouTube or Twitch.

  • Zippy Seve: @zippyseve
  • Magical World: @magicalworld
  • I Blame Jordan: @iblamejordan
  • Petiue: @petiue
  • Bagatiba: @bagatiba
  • Open Air: @openair
  • Fragmentation: @fragmentation
  • Witch Oria: @witchoria
  • Sight Unseen: @_sightunseen_
  • Snarki Tecture: @snarkitecture

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Best Names on Instagram

Best names on Instagram have a ton of them as long as you follow the 9 steps listed above of this blog post, you’re sure to get more followers and likes.

  • Sun Daze: @sundaze
  • Chill Wild Life: @chillwildlife
  • The Wylde: @the_wylde
  • Dirty Disco: @dirtydisco
  • Sugar High Love Stoned: @sugarhighlovestoned
  • Don’t Feed The Unicorn: @dontfeedtheunicorn (The best username ideas for Instagram, right here!)
  • Public Butter: @publicbutter
  • 032c: @032c
  • I Hate Blonde: @ihateblonde
  • Love Seeker: @loveseeker

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Cute Instagram Names

Being can hardly be shown on your Instagram page, as long as you have some animal or pet’s name included, you’re on your way to growing your page.

  • Basement Fox: @basementfox
  • 4th Than Bleeker: @4thandbleeker
  • The Lovers and Drifter Club: @theloversanddriftersclub
  • Lack of Color Aus: @lackofcolouraus
  • Weekend Lust: @weekendlust
  • Vintage Paris: @vintageparis
  • Dark Sun: @darksun
  • Psycho Social Club: @psychosocialclub
  • Purrienne: @purrienne_
  • Late Nights in The City: @latenightsinthecity

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Instagram Username Ideas for Girls

Since the girl niche is such a popular niche, a username for Instagram for girls is the best decision you can pick to get more followers on Instagram.

  • Always Augst: @alwaysaugst
  • Paper in Ashes: @paperinashes
  • Spell Boundead: @spellboundead
  • Twins For Fashion: @twinsforfashion
  • Love Hunter: @lovehunter
  • Virshe Reads: @virshereads
  • Angels Basket: @angels_basket
  • Ruby Sunn: @rubysunn (Another username ideas for Instagram)
  • Random Acts of Pastel: @randomactsofpastel
  • Blouses And Houses: @blousesandhouses

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Best Instagram Names to Get Followers for Girl

These are the best username ideas for Instagram if you’re a girl. The girl niche is the best niche you can be a part of as I’m seeing people growing thousands of followers in 3 months.

  • Alchemy Works: @alchemyworks
  • Mint and Rose: @mintandrose
  • Coast by Coast: @coastbycoast
  • Olive and June: @oliveandjune
  • Aloha Beach Club: @alohabeachclub
  • Penny Weight: @pennyweight (A great username ideas for Instagram)
  • Hazel and Pine: @hazelandpine
  • House of Honey: @houseofhoney
  • With Mercii: @withmercii
  • The Sunrises Shack: @thesunriseshack

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Instagram Name Ideas That You Like.

These are the best username ideas, as you might see some repeated letters used and several numbers used as a letter to create the name. It is creativity that people will like your page.

  • Digital Feels: @digitalf33ls
  • Blooming Alchemy: @bloomingalchemy
  • Nature Angel: @natureangel
  • Clash Studio: @clash.studio
  • Jims and Kittys: @jimsandkittys
  • S Sense: @ssense
  • Places Plus Faces: @placesplusfaces
  • Manic Pixie Meme Gurl: @manicpixiememegurl
  • World and Moon: @_woldandmoon
  • Scary Mommy: @scarymommy

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Cool Finsta Names

If you’re on Instagram with a private account, it’s going to be hard how to get more followers on Instagram as people…one, don’t like to wait and two, they don’t know what you’re posting about… so make money on Instagram would be 10x harder.

  • Poems Porn: @poemsporn
  • Wolf Cub Wolf Cub: @wolfcubwolfcub
  • Velvat Canyon: @velvetcanyon
  • Girl With No Job: @girlwithnojob
  • Rookie Mag: @rookiemag
  • Big Secret: @bigsecret
  • Creatures of Comfort: @creaturesofcomfort
  • Lustt For Life: @lusttforlife
  • Apartment Therapy: @apartmenttherapy
  • Plantiful Soul: @plantifulsoul

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Attitude Names for Instagram For Boys

These are the best Instagram names to get followers for boys.

Previously Instagram username ideas on Instagram for girls, and these username ideas are for boys while they’re designed to be ruder and to show their personality as boys or men so they can get more followers and likes.

  • Isn’t It Darling: @isntitdarling
  • Moon Struck Traveller: @moonstrucktraveller
  • Sunshine Gyspy: @sunshinegyspy
  • Salt Sand and Smoothies: @saltsandandsmoothies
  • Booka and Peonies: @booksandpeonies
  • Margo and Me: @margoandme
  • Fleu Lobvin: @fleurlovin
  • Enjoue Collect If: @enjouecollectif
  • Infinite Soul: @infinitesoul
  • The Seafiles: @theseafiles

Username For Instagram For Boy

These username ideas for Instagram are also for boys like the above part but they can be mixed between attitude names and cute as well. I mentioned more specific different types of username ideas in this blog post you can check it out.

  • @kissesandmartini
  • @forgoodluck
  • @vanillaatack
  • @girlganggoodies
  • @flowerbean
  • @zuluandzephyr
  • @junemoment
  • @skyeandstaghorn
  • @poketo
  • @moonjuice

I believe these are the best Instagram names to get followers for boys as it designed to attract the opposite gender while getting more followers. Apart from getting more followers, it’s also important to leverage your page to generate income from as well.

Aesthetic Instagram Usernames & Fitness Instagram Names

This set of Instagram usernames is mixed between beauty and the fitness niche which are also the most popular niche to make money on Instagram.

  • @betches
  • @wearelivingking
  • @gaybestfriendwork
  • @muscle_prada
  • @yourgirlbuff
  • @drunkbetch
  • @collectiveworld
  • @biancachandon
  • @americanfailure
  • @havelesstravelmore

Classy Instagram Names

If you’re classy type of personality, these are the best username ideas for Instagram to get more followers.

  • Dirty Boots and Messy Hair: @dirtybootsandmessyhair
  • The Sassy Club: @thesassyclub
  • Girl With No Job: @girlwithnojob
  • Something Navy: @somethingnavy
  • Create Cultivate: @createcultivate
  • Moss Angeles: @moss_angeles
  • The Butchers Daughter: @thebutchersdaughter
  • Keen: @keen
  • Studio Bicyclette: @studiobicyclette
  • Film For Her: @filmforher

Cool Instagram Names for Boys

The boy always wants to be cool and even the girl, these are the usernames for cool Instagram names for boys that get ideas out and they are the best username ideas for Instagram also.

  • True Living: @true.living
  • We Wore What: @weworewhat
  • Chill House: @chillhouse
  • I am Well and Good: @iamwellandgood
  • Loversland: @loversland
  • Nitch: @nitch
  • Where Are The Avocados: @wherearetheavocados
  • Sincerely Jules: @sincerelyjules
  • Baby Native: @babynative
  • The Dad: @thedad

Best Instagram Names to Get Followers

The list of the best Instagram names to get followers and unfortunately this blog post is getting quite long. I’ll expand this blog post to another blog post which you should definitely check it out but check these names out.

  • Indigo Sparkle: @indigosparkle
  • Stellar Flower: @stellarflower
  • Sharing Genes: @sharing_genes
  • Champagne Fabulous: @champagnefabulous
  • Mon Soon Blooms: @monsoonblooms
  • Flou Frouu: @floufrouu
  • More Light: @morelight
  • Rowie The Label: @rowiethelabel
  • Blush and Ochre: @blush.and.ochre
  • Dead of Write: @deadofwrite

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VSCO Username Ideas

VSCO is the best photo app that I’ve been using for years until date, the filter makes your photo looks so much better and it is the best choice to pick the best VSCO username ideas for it.

  • The Row: @therow (Best username ideas for Instagram)
  • Do You Travel: @doyoutravel
  • Thought Catalog: @thoughtcatalog
  • Satire Gram: @satiregram
  • Far Fetch: @farfetch
  • What’s Ur Sign: @whats_ur_sign
  • Everyday Pursuits: @everydaypursuits
  • Work Party: @workparty
  • Ink and Fable: @inkandfable

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4 Letter Instagram Names Not Taken

Unfortunately, as Instagram has billions of active users if you’re looking for a page with 4 letter names, buying an Instagram account is the only option.

3 Letter Instagram Names Available

Same for 3-letter usernames, you can only be able to get these usernames via purchase.

Just like recently I asked for an Instagram account name for @ear – which might still be available for sale and they are selling for $10,000 which is quite insane to get it.

Cool Instagram Names That Aren’t Taken

In this post about username ideas for Instagram, I put this part on cool Instagram names that aren’t taken at the end of this blog post to avoid blufis.com readers using them. Well, it is designed for ask nugget readers, but not everyone can make it up here, check if these names are still available.

  • Mainline Likes: @mainlinelikes
  • Lakeshore Blog: @lakeshoreblog
  • Instrument Followers: @instrumentfollowers
  • Blog Component: @blogcomponent
  • Avalanche Comment: @avalanchecomment
  • Longhorn Post: @longhornpost
  • Followers Boulder: @followersboulder
  • Blog Renaissance: @blogrenaissance
  • Hilltop Times: @hilltoptimes
  • Acumen Likes: @acumentlikes

Conclusions. – Username Ideas For Instagram

If you like this blog post, be sure to learn Instagram the proper way to make money on Instagram, not just making Instagram posts.

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