Best 18 IG Tools + Free Instagram Tools for Likes, Followers

Instagram tools are what you need to set your IG page on automation and avoiding getting banned using these IG tools is vital.

In this blog post, you’ll find the top working automation tools that work right now.

Of course, any Instagram tools free that are prohibited to use on Instagram will not be shared here. I’ll even go into the specific tricks on how you can avoid getting banned and which tools are best to use.

If you’re ready, – Checkout out my #1 recommend


Be sure to keep in mind, I never recommend you to buy Instagram likes or buy followers and I don’t recommend any of these IG tools in this blog post.

  • When buying fake IG engagement, you simply ruin your account growth in the future.
  • And your IG page will be liable to a permanent banned for implementing those activities.

I share everything in this post if you need about IG automation.

18+ Best Instagram Tools for Followers and Likes

Now, these VIP Instagram tools help you well when you’re trying to grow your page without other people’s help.

Later down this blog post, I’ll even share how you get your first 10,000 followers in 3 months without you even having to touch your page.


Ingramer is currently the #1 Instagram tools app you need, not just a tool, but an all-in-one tool you need. This a professional tool and if there is any research you’d like to conduct, simply get started with this free tool.


How’s this good?

  • You’ll find all the different IG tool companies below and all of them only has 1 to 2 IG features maxed to help you such as automation publishing, stories Instagram tools, hashtags generator, download IGTV, etc.

Here’s a personal thing I’d like to share, when you’re subscribing to different tool companies with only 1 to 2 IG features, you tend to forget to cancel the subscription after you hit your IG page to your first 10k followers which I experienced, and what’s worst?

You might for which company you already subscribed to in the past and they just keep charging you. It’s a well-presenting and professional tool you need. – Click this link to Get started for free with Inflact.


This is another great tool that I’m currently using as well, but for Pinterest.


I use this tool to set my blog on autopilot and they have one Instagram feature which Ingramer also has.

  • One of the ultimate follower growth tips I shared is starting your own blog and using TailwindApp combined with Pinterest to set your blog on autopilot and invite them to follow you on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the links above where I share everything you need whether you want more follower tips or to start your own blog using Instagram tools.



Combin has 2 IG features and they have one feature has been prohibited by Instagram, which means only 1 feature left is available that Ingramer already has.

If you’d like to see the complete Combin review guide, you should definitely check that out later. But basically, they have 2 main features a whole:

  • Combin Growth: This is the feature that is prohibited by Instagram
  • Combin Scheduler: This feature allows you to get unlimited sets of your page on autopilot.

It’s simple to use with this feature but I still recommend Ingramer here.

As mentioned, this is one of many companies that doesn’t have the all-in-one feature. – Check out my #1 recommendation.

Autopilot – Best Instagram tools for growth

These are human growth services. ­– continue to read the full blog post.

These are the best Instagram tools for growth if you didn’t want to use the above tools to get your first 10,000 followers in 90 days.

  • I arrange these IG tools in order and shared exactly which tool to get started with and one of these tools will help you get your first 10,000 followers in 90 days.

Be sure to find out how these companies work before even getting started with their free trials as I’ll be explaining very clearly.


Instaboom is the company you want to work with the most if you’re willing to spend a little bit more to acquire your first 10k followers in 90 days.


Instaboom is a European company that has established its company in other countries and I believe is already globally.

  • They basically have exactly how many followers you could expect to get and yes with it, you can get your first 10,000 followers fast.

Just case, you might not have a good experience with Upleap, this could be the alternative you need.

Now, if you’re hiring a manager to work for you, not all managers will always be outstanding, it’s about having different account managers to grow your page while tracking the engagement for every 100 or 1000 followers you received.

Check out here to get your first 10k in 90 days fast.



Most people confuse these apps and recommended them as buy likes and followers apps, but they are the human growth service.

I share many companies below for getting your page growth on autopilot without you having to touch your page.

They dedicate a human manager to log in to your Instagram account to grow your account for you. Now, they might use these follower tricks to grow your page or they have their own methods.

  • Here’s a thing, some managers might trick your page with fake followers and likes and you can simply track every 100 followers gain and how many likes you get until you reach 1000 followers.

If you have 1000 followers and only 10 to 15 likes, it’s time to request a new manager or move on to the next company. – Get started with Upleap, Instagram tools free.



Another great service you need and it’s a more premium service provided that you grow your IG page on autopilot.

  • You can even also get your first 10k followers within 30 days along with 3 free promotions.

Regarding content strategy for growing your Instagram page is important, as always picking a niche is always the first thing you need and with a more premium price, your page will be able to have more quality content prepared by Social Sensei.

You might be able to get followers from Upleap. But speaking of quality Instagram content strategy is what Social Sensei will deliver and what’s better?

Great content helps your page grow organically and better than just focusing on getting more and more followers.



Trusy another human growth service it’s is a new company which if you haven’t had a good experience with the above company, Trusy is what you need.

This company doesn’t provide as detailed service as the above growth company and that’s why I’d range this last. Before diving into the next set of Instagram tools be sure to check out my #1 recommendation you need.

Hashtags – Hashtag Instagram Tools

These are all Instagram tools that are only focused on hashtags and previously introduced Ingramer which also has its own hashtags generator. These Instagram tools are best for growing your own Instagram page.



Hashtags are the number #1 follower growth hack you need for growing your page when you decided to grow your own page.

  • The purpose of using hashtags is to get followers by ranking your Instagram content in the top nine spots.

One of the top mistakes is trying to use the same hashtags over and over trying to get more followers and also, not tracking your own performance. – Get started with HashtagsForLikes.



SocialInfo is another best Instagram tool to grow followers’ focus into only hashtags depending on what niche you are in. Simply type into your seed keyword business, and you’d be able to find 10 relevant sets of hashtags that your account can rank for.

They’d even arrange from different post volumes within their recommended number of hashtags to use for maximum exposure. I used to work with this tool but I recommended my #1 tool instead.

Instagram Tools for Business

These top Instagram tools for marketing and some of them are free tools for Instagram marketing as well, they don’t just limit themselves to Instagram, but you can also use them for your other social media platform as well.

If you’re currently a sole trader with a limited marketing budget available, you don’t have to diversify your marketing effort into the below professional Instagram tools below.

Instead of building another social media platform, it’s better to have a blog that will sky-rock your business reputation as a whole. These tools have nothing to do with branded content Instagram tools.



Another Instagram analytics tools and Instagram tools followers you need when you’d be interested in using Instagram influence marketing as one of your marketing growth hack.

  • They provide an in-depth overview of Instagram profile that you’d like to work with. For example, when using Instagram shout-out, most IG page would buy fake followers and engagement that’s where you could find out with HypeAuditor.



One of the best Instagram management tool free to get started with. They provide the most advanced Instagram analytics you and your team need.

  • The best part is you can manage multiple social profile from one dashboard that avoid confusion which increases productivity.

They even have an autopilot scheduler that you can use and you can also find out which industry or niche that Instagram is currently trying to lower the engagement score which might be one of your niche.

Finally, visual report that you can identify your company next 15 growth moves.



Another great professional Instagram tools you need for detailed report delivery and have a great social media management. You can schedule any types of social media posts and not just Instagram, but also available across all social media platforms.

With just 1 simple Instagram post, can be publish over and over again for getting more and more traffic to your blog or more IG followers.



A set it, forget-it solution for getting all your content marketing effort going viral. Not just going viral on Instagram, but also allowing your content to be published across all social media platforms.

What’s more?

If you add 1-piece of content or more, this software will find the data of content that has the potential of going viral automatically, the content republishing on its own.

I personally leverage SocialBee to help out with writing services.



SkedSocial is an alternative Instagram tools for business and marketing you need if the above Instagram management tools don’t fit you well. This tool has everything you need for analyze your Instagram account growth and continue to grow your account even further.

The SkedSocial pricing might be lower comparing to the above Instagram tools for marketing but it’s also has all the feature you need.

Use SkedSocial Today.

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Conclusions – Instagram Tools Followers Growth

I hope you like this guide on finding all the Instagram tools for taking your business to the next level without too much hustling on your own. These tools are definitely great tool you need. – If you haven’t check out my Instagram University, definitely check it out.

FAQs. – Best Free Instagram Tools (Without Login)

What are Instagram professional tools?

These tools will automate your Instagram growth on autopilot, and you basically don’t need to do anything to grow your Instagram page.

Is helper tools for Instagram safe?

Definitely, there are several tools prohibited by Instagram, but you can still automate your Instagram growth.

How do I manage Instagram?

You could leverage one of the best Instagram tools for business to grow your page.

Is there a free Instagram scheduler?

Definitely, I shared so many Instagram schedulers that you should check them out.

What is the best Instagram management app?

Right now, the tools we used best is one of the Instagram tool for business which mentioned that you should look into.