Is Instagram Marketing Worth It? #1 Ultimate Guide

Learn how to market on Instagram using these Instagram marketing strategies helps you get more followers, likes or traffic, leads, and sales for your online business brand, fast.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all the advanced Instagram marketing strategies and also beginner tips that I shared from all over the blog at

I’ll also share the #1 social media secrets that nobody shares with you to help your business maintain its sustainability.

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Instagram Marketing: Why use Instagram for marketing?

Instagram is a great tool for businesses and marketers looking to promote their businesses.


With over 1 billion users, marketing on Instagram gives you access to an incredibly wide and diverse audience.

As one of the top visual networks, it allows companies to showcase their products in an aesthetically pleasing way that engages potential customers.

On Instagram, brands can not only advertise but also engage with followers and track hashtags to stay up-to-date with trends.

By pairing attractive visuals with creative captions and engaging stories, businesses can create an effective marketing strategy on Instagram that will grab attention, increase traffic, and convert followers into customers quickly.

Top Instagram Marketing Strategy Example.

This completely depends on what your marketing objective is. An example would be leveraging the paid method using Instagram influencer marketing as one of the Instagram promotion strategies which RIGHT NOW delivers the most results with the lowest cost.

If you are interested in leveraging Instagram influencers you can read the blog post that I linked for you or you could read this blog post: Become Instagram Influencer in 13 Easy Steps.

#1 Instagram Marketing Strategy for Small Business.

I’ll be sharing more Instagram marketing strategies below. However, this is an important tip that helps with your Instagram marketing plan.

Most people got caught up with growing more followers and likes by using all the Instagram secrets below.

And yes, if they occurred over and over, they are liable to an Instagram banned.

Instead of manipulating the platform, leverage other social media platforms as your Instagram marketing strategy for small businesses. However, instead of starting another social media platform where you have limited control over how many people you can reach such as Instagram reach limit which could slow down your potential reach.

Learn how to start a blog for your business.


18+ Instagram Marketing Strategies to Acquire More Sales.

These are the best Instagram marketing strategy for businesses I put together, even if you’re a beginner.

Set up Instagram Private Account

You might have heard photographer is switching their public account to private account. But keep in mind, this group of people already has 100k plus Instagram followers. Yes, they have a fan base.

But when you have less than 10k IG followers, setting your account to private, it’s a mistake.

  • There is a trick to growing followers fast with a private account but that is something for the future. Therefore, have your Instagram profile public, to begin with, and you need this ONE THING next.

Have an Instagram Niche

Next is having a niche as your main Instagram marketing strategy to get more followers and grow your brand awareness. As I already mentioned with over billions of users, posting anything that is around your business idea or posting anything and everything are the 2 biggest mistakes.


  • Your business idea might not have been proven to be an official idea that the majority of Instagrammer like and post anything and everything just simply won’t help you gain traction from hashtags or even get on the IG discovery page.

In this blog post IG niche – I shared 8 most profitable niches and how you can even find your own niche on Instagram using the hashtags search tool on the explore page.

Your Username Ideas

Your username idea is your brand, your blood, your vessel.

In this blog post 89+ best username ideas for Instagram, I shared how you should pick your business brand name for followers and likes.

  • If you ever come across an inactive Instagram username that you want – avoid wasting time contact the Instagram help center which they won’t get back to you.

Apart from the name ideas, be sure it’s available across all social media platforms, and never make this #1 mistake by manipulating other businesses and brand names. For example, Justin Bieber is already taken. – don’t try to pick a name under JustinnBie3ber.

Instagram Business Account vs Content Creator.

A common confusion most business owners and brand experience are whether they should switch to a business account or a content creator when they only have 0 followers or not even 10k followers.


Next confusing question,

  • Is creator better or a business account?

But you know within you that you’re not getting more followers that’s why you want to know which is better.

In reality, they are the same and both types of Instagram accounts have access to free Instagram tools.

Instagram Insights – #1 Free Analytics Tools.

Insights tools help you identify and allow you to view statistics of impressions, engagement gained, and more. By reading this tool, you’ll be able to leverage the data to improve your current Instagram marketing strategy.

  • If you want to find out the best time to post on Instagram, you can in the tool without having to Google search for when is the worst time to post on Instagram.

You can see a breakdown of the demographics of your followers including information such as country, age, gender, etc. Using this information for your Instagram ads, it is the #1 Instagram analytic tool (free).


If you want to get on the Instagram explore page, you have used this Instagram insights tool to find out which Instagram content for business performs best so your business content can go viral and explode.

Going Viral on Instagram

Leveraging the above Instagram marketing strategy would help prepare you to go viral on Instagram.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram viral is real. How do you take your Instagram content to go viral?

If you want more detailed and in-depth information about going viral, check out the blog post there.

Leverage the insights, an example is by learning how to repost Instagram content that brings the Instagram impression. Now that you have access to your Instagram insights, it’s time to leverage the data provided to go viral.

One of the tips to go viral on Instagram is to filter your Instagram content by Instagram impression in the insights tool.

Now, you see this works well.

Post Instagram content for businesses that is similar to that of continuously going viral over and over again.

For more tips on going viral check out this blog post Viral Instagram: #1 Best Guide Go Viral on Instagram.

Avoid the #1 IG Caption Mistake.

I shared a lot of blog posts on IG with tips on how you gain followers and especially the #1 way to craft your Instagram caption for likes, and followers. But this is the number #1 mistake about your caption for your business, have a look…


I never encourage you to post a long caption like that. Why?

The lift-span of an Instagram post only last for at least 1 month and that completely depends on if Instagram gains more monthly active user, the life-span that Instagram post just get shorter and shorter.

That means, no more traction, followers, or likes after that. Unlike a blog post that lasts for years. – start a blog with Bluehost.

Prepare with Automation Tools.

This Instagram marketing strategy correlates to each that helps gain Instagram followers automatically.

  • Imagine you can set your Instagram page on autopilot for 365/24/7 without touching your page while you can leverage other social media platforms to gain more IG followers.

Would that be awesome and becoming more productive by killing two birds with one stone?

Introducing this free Instagram tool, TA.


  • TailwindApp is also a hashtag generator.
  • You can set your hashtags in the comment or in the caption.

More important, set your Instagram posts to gain followers and likes on autopilot. Coming up after this important IG tip is going viral.

Grow External Followers.

Most businesses and brands only leverage Instagram to grow their following and end up with multiple action blocks which are liable to a permanent banned and shadowban Instagram.

One important disadvantage of social media is this:

  • You will never know when they would ban you or let you know which term of service you violated and they’d just limit your page reach like Facebook and banned you.

Not just Instagram but social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as a whole.

That means instead of starting a new social media platform while you’re growing your business on Instagram – learn how to start a blog.

A single blog post lasts longer than a social media post – one year to three years, five years.

Pick Your IG Theme.

This depends on what niche you have chosen for your business or brand.

If you’re in the travel niche, you can have your post-travel photo with travel hashtags while they can be in the same color every post you made, horizontally like this,


or If you prefer to have a personal brand for your business on Instagram, pick your color like this…


Avoid Free Hashtags Generator.

The #1 mistake is using free hashtags generator.

Where could companies that offer free hashtags could update the entire Instagram hashtags database while ensuring you’re using banned hashtags on Instagram?

  • As more people go on Instagram, more random hashtags and hashtags that violated the policy would get banned.

An example when I first release the hashtag – immediately got shadowban Instagram.

Leverage my #1 Instagram tool in the next…

Use Hashtags – #1 Instagram Marketing Strategy

Before even trying to get on the explore page, your IG business page needs some tractions to get on the explore page. That is hashtags.


Most people ask, how they can get followers without using hashtags. Unless they don’t want to get on the explore page or because they think it looks messy in the IG captions.

But in reality, you have the choice to either hide them in the comment or leave them in the caption which nobody cares about. You can automatically hide hashtags in the comment or captions automatically using TailwindApp.

Manipulate Instagram Influencers

Leveraging Instagram influencers is would be the fastest way to help you grow your business online. But if you don’t have that marketing budget to work with influencers, reading this entire blog post with help you to become an Instagram influencer instead.


However, if you’re not an influencer, utilized this Instagram influencer marketing to avoid being scammed by them! – I shared a complete story of how I got scammed by influencers and how easy it is.

Direct Message Your Instagram Followers

A direct message is a key to helping you make money fast to relationships with your followers without having to wait for 10k followers to make money.

As soon as you direct message your followers, you’re getting into a very close personal level and positively communicating with them and inviting them to your own affiliate offer or product, or service you provide.

Engage for Attention

The #1 step to get followers is becoming more engaging on Instagram with your customers, your friends, and your family, and that’s the way to gain traction on social media.

  • The #1 trick to engage on Instagram is to be sure that the page founder is aware of your action.

Remember an Instagram caption part where I said an Instagram post only last 2 weeks to a month? Use Inflact tool to filter all posts from 2 weeks ago from hashtags, pages, etc.


Then leave a long-form comment that’d take a large part of their Instagram notification area. It’s very addictive and everybody looks into the notification and they can’t be turned off.

The page owner will check it and see your long comment and it needs to be genuine. – Get started with Combin today.

Use Instagram Stories

This is a golden tip that I don’t share above this blog post as I know most people won’t make it up here. As you’re starting out, knowing what to post on Instagram is key like photos, videos, IG slideshow, IG story, IGTV, etc.

I shared everything in that blog post and when is the best time to post by knowing what to post photos and Instagram stories that effectively bring you a massive number of impressions as Instagram features IG story as their main marketing focus.

Add Instagram Story Swipe Up Without 10k Followers.

Unlike a blog where you can insert so many money revenues generating links whereas Instagram only allows 1-link in bio.

I never recommend you buy Instagram likes, but you can buy Instagram followers to grant access to the swipe-up story without waiting to get to 10k followers.

  • You can add as many swipes up links and add them to the Instagram highlights to gain traction that way.

But still, I recommend you start a blog.

Build Your Own Community from Instagram

Don’t wait until Instagram limits your business page reach and when your brand with over 100k Instagram followers. While you grow your followers, build your own empire by inviting them to subscribe to your email list. – Just like I’m asking you to join my free updates, now.


  • You can join Aweber, simply create a form and copy the URL and add it to your Instagram bio or you use the direct message to invite your followers to subscribe to your email list.

Best Types of Instagram Accounts Work Best for Instagram Marketing

There are 3 types of Instagram accounts and knowing which types of accounts can scale your business is important.

It is no secret that having an Instagram account can boost your business.

With so many different types of accounts to choose from, it is important to recognize which can help you reach a large audience and increase sales.

There are three main types of Instagram accounts:

  • personal profiles,
  • professional profiles,
  • and business profiles.

Personal profiles promote an individual’s life or perspective in the form of posts, stories, and live videos; professional profiles promote creative projects like artwork and music; and lastly, business profiles primarily showcase the company’s product or service.

Building a solid foundation for success requires understanding how each type works and works together with other digital marketing strategies. Thus, recognizing which type of Instagram account can best scale your business is essential to creating a powerful online presence and achieving lasting success.

#1 Instagram Tools to Scale your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Keeping track of your Instagram analytics can provide you with insight into the success – or lack thereof – of your posts, giving you data-driven feedback and allowing you to make adjustments to your social media marketing plan.

With analytics, you can measure key metrics such as engagement rate, follower growth, reach, and impressions, giving you the ability to fine-tune your content strategy for maximum impact. However, not having enough data will not allow you to scale your business effectively.

Look into HypeAuditor


Thorough information will directly inform which exactly to scale your business with.

Instead of using Instagram analytics which provides limited information and non-in-depth, it’d be to scale a business.

Apart from that, minimize your marketing expenses for influencer research: with 1-click of a button, you can find out all the influencers you need.

See HypeAuditor for scaling your business.

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