Insta Stalker: 10 Best Instagram Stalker App That Work

Instastalker has different types of Instagram stalkers and no, you cannot see who stalked your profile or who viewed my Instagram profile. Instagram allows people to check your profile. But they don’t let you know who visited your profile, it doesn’t have the in-app functionality built-in to track your profile visitors. But if you switch your account to the content creator, you’ll be able to see all the number of visitors who viewed your profile in the past seven days.

I know is a little confusing. But I’ll share everything I know with you in this post regarding who views your profile on Instagram. Also how you can check them out while this is optional, most people spend time to on Instagram just to look at photos and like Instagram photos on the app.

As Instagram is constantly updating its algorithm and trying its best to improve its app for its users, focusing on leveraging Instagram as a marketing platform is key.

I’m going to share 2 types of Insta stalkers that viewed your profile, you can also see who they are but not strangers, you cannot see it even with the help of Instagram’s third-party app. What’s better?

With all the apps that will help you find stalkers in this blog post, once and for all and I’ll share one of the secrets that allow you to make your Instagram experience better and also create a better lifestyle. – If you’re ready, check out my #1 recommendation.

Who is my Instagram Stalkers? – Reality Check.

If you want to find who your IG stalker is, unfortunately, you can’t see it due to privacy issues. Instagram needs to protect the user experience and your personal information safe.

Check out my #1 recommendation for getting your first $1000 with your Instagram page. If they give away this important piece, app developers or hackers would be able to take over your IG account.

Upgrade to the business account if you haven’t done so already or read this blog post on Instagram For Business Accounts.

  • Later down this blog post, you’ll find out there are 2 types of people that are your stalkers but you can see who viewed your profile on Instagram and other types of users you cannot.

Can You Tell Who Looks at Your Instagram on Business Account or Content Creator?

  • Business Account: Even though you’re upgrading your personal account to a business account, does that mean you can find out your Instagram stalkers? Nope. However, a business account is better than a personal account, at least you can see the number of visitors that come to your IG page or it can be called InstaStalker.
  • Content Creator: A new Instagram update, regarding your Instagram stalkers’ findings. This is another type of account similar to the business account, and again you can’t see who viewed my Instagram profile.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

There are two places on Instagram you can check who viewed my Instagram profile.

One you can see. and the other one you cannot see who viewed your page.

  • On your Instagram profile, you cannot see it but if you switch it over to a business page or content creator Instagram page, you’ll be able to see the number of visitors stalking your Instagram page, but if you want to DMs them to network for make money on Instagram purposes – you won’t be able to see it.

Don’t be disappointed yet!

First of all, Instagram tried its best to protect their user privacy, and that is you.

  • Instagram refused to show who viewed my Instagram profile because that requires some sort of coding. If other app developers see it, they will use your information to build their own app, and you’ll see the examples next.

Take a look at people that mistakenly say that you can see or apps that help you see who viewed your profile, don’t believe it.

If you actually try to connect your Instagram to an unverified third-party app, you’re risking your profile to receive Instagram action blocked, and receiving that often will get you banned.

So take a look at these apps below!

How to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile: Third-party App Alternatives

In this blog post who viewed my Instagram profile, I talked about the alternative Insta stalker apps that don’t help you with finding who viewed my Instagram profile and shared my opinion on those apps.

  • Also, a trick on how you can find stalkers using your IG stories below

Previously I found those apps didn’t work for me but it actually works now. I’m talking about these Insta stalker apps,


People misunderstood the purpose of these apps and so did I. I don’t think these are fake anymore, these third-party apps fetch important information through Instagram API, which helps you get more followers on Instagram.

  • But you might want to spend a few bucks to find out your Instagram stalkers.
  • with the free version, you can only see who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Instagram Stories for Instagram Stalker

You can now see who viewed your Instagram stories, they will show you who visit your profile based on the number of eyeballs viewing your story, you might be able to guess who is very like that visited your Instagram profile and they viewed your profile. Take a look,


You need followers before you can start posting stories to see who visits your profile, I wrote a post on how you can make money off Instagram with 100 followers – I think you might be interested in checking it out.

These viewers on Instagram stories are only available within 24hrs, which means you won’t be able to see it after 24hrs mark has passed. So within the 24hrs mark, swipe up and click on the eyeballs to see a list of people that viewed your profile on Instagram story.

Now, after finding who viewed your profile on Instagram, what’s next?

Remember I talked about there being 2 types of stalkers? Check out next…

Instagram Stalkers – Basic Understanding

Although people misunderstand how the purpose of these apps for Instagram stalkers but let me walk you through how you can find out who viewed your Instagram by understanding 2 primary elements. Let’s get right into it…

Strangers from Instagram Hashtags

If a stranger is not your follower, then when comes to who viewed your profile on Instagram is not possible for any apps or tricks can do the work.

Most expert Instagrammers misunderstand and share with people that these apps cannot help, but if you understand the next thing. You’re golden – all your confusion going to disappear.

Followers or Ghost Followers

If your followers are viewing your profile, then these apps will be able to catch them 100% but it’s not free though.

They can find your Instagram stalkers using by fetching the information from the Instagram API to share who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Even ghost followers that they can identify. So basically, if you understand this part, you can now see your Insta stalker using these apps below, but first.

Make Money on Instagram on Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Before we dive into the part of apps that find out your Insta stalker, you have to know why you need to find out who your stalker is instead of spending time finding your stalker just for curiosity purposes.

Did you know you can make money on Instagram by finding your stalker? Yes.

After they viewed your Instagram profile, it’s time to get to know your followers and that is your opportunity to make an extra side income.

I wrote an article on how many followers you need to make money on Instagram. – I shared how you can communicate with people and with only 100 Instagram followers you can make money off Instagram.

Most people think only celebrities like Kim or Kelly with millions of Instagram followers then to make money.

No. But if you’re interested in making money on Instagram, and you just want to be famous on Instagram. Keep in mind, that being famous is the same as making money with only 100 followers.

  • So I learned to make money on Facebook and realized they only allow 5000 friends so I switched over to Instagram that’s when I noticed more and more stalkers viewing my profile after I found them I applied everything I learned in this Instagram course to make friends and also make money online too as a high school student which I’m still using it until these days.

Let’s get into the 10 best Instagram stalker apps.

Insta Stalker: 10 Best Apps for Instagram Stalker

These are the apps that allow you to see who your Instagram stalkers and if you didn’t read the previous part be sure to do so or you might misunderstand this part.

Just a head up, because they are cheap apps that means you have to go through a lot of bad experiences as you might be seeing a lot of bad reviews.

If you are serious about Instagram. – I recommend Inflact to triple your followers.

Desktop / IOS Apps to See Instagram Stalker


If you have these questions in mind:

  • Who viewed my Instagram story?
  • Who viewed my Instagram photos?
  • How to see who views your Instagram profile?

A simple answer is to get started with Inflact. They are just perfect for analyzing your account to bring you the most number of followers and likes. After you install this app, it’s not free btw… they will automatically calculate your IG profile and share those Instagram data with you.

Instagram Analyzer: Insta Stalker App

IG analyzer is an Insta stalker app and it’s a similar version to HypeAuditor, but this is a cheaper app. That means you’d also have to pay to find out your Insta stalker but experience some problems using the app.


There are more features of Instagram than what you’re seeing, find out

  • Who unfollowed me
  • Mass unfollowing on Instagram
  • Detailed analysis of followers’ growth
  • Track & analyze your followers.

InsTrack for Instagram App

InsTrack recently take their app to a complete premium app which means you have to pay. As I’m seeing reviews mentioned there is zero free version of the app. If you’re going to pay for these apps I’d recommend HypeAuditor which I’m getting into very soon.


  • An analysis tool for Instagram followers, and likes.
  • See your top admirers based on your account engagement.
  • See who blocked you and instantly get notified.

SocialPlus For Instagram App

So far, Social Plus For Instagram has the most positive reviews developed by MultiTap. Again, most people like this app because it’s free, download it while it’s still free.

The reason it’s free, it could be new apps and very often free apps will steal your account information.


A similar version to all the above apps that give a report on your account followers which includes basic information that won’t have enough information for your IG growth.

A plus to Social Plus for Instagram is it allow you to see who watches your stories.

HypeAuditor – Detailed Report for your Instagram Stalkers

If you’re not a business owner you can get started with your detailed report on who viewed your Instagram profile, a lot more than that.

By looking at the data of your page, you’ll be able to understand your audience 10x better. When you want to get more followers on Instagram and how to get more likes or

  • How to see who views your Instagram profile?
  • How to see who viewed your Instagram post or photos?
  • How to see who viewed your Instagram story?
  • How to see who viewed your Instagram video?

These are just simple questions that HypeAuditor already answered.

  • A simple hack to get more Instagram followers using HypeAuditor: If you want 100k followers on Instagram, you need to look at who already got 100k followers and find out how to get 100k followers for the page you want to go after.

That’s where HypeAuditor would give all the detailed information about Insta stalkers like their past Instagram posts they made. Could it be posting more photos, carousel, etc. – If this is expensive to you, check out my #1 recommendation.

Android Apps to See Instagram Stalker

  • Follower Insight for Instagram App
  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram App
  • Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer App
  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram – Follower Tracker
  • Insights for Instagram, Ghosts, Followers, Stories

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Instagram Stalker and Who Viewed My Instagram Profile – Conclusions.

Yes and no.

No, if you want to know who sees your profile but be sure to change your Instagram page to a business page or content creator page.

Yes, you cannot see who viewed my Instagram profile but you can find out via IG story.

After that, most people will overthink who viewed their profile like their ex-girlfriends or something like that. But making money on Instagram is more important.

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