YouTube Automation Course: How to Start YouTube Automation – #1 Best

YouTube Automation Course: Are you interested in leveraging automation to take your YouTube channel to the next level?

You’re in luck!

By automating certain tasks on YouTube, like creating videos and sending out notifications for new videos, you can save time and be sure to able to generate autopilot passive income over time as a side hustle.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the main benefits of using YouTube Automation, YouTube automation without making videos, and how to set them up efficiently and effectively without wasting your money.

As well as tips and tricks for making sure they are working correctly without getting your channel removed.

and of course…

Be able to get your YouTube channel to monetization.

Keep reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about getting started with YouTube Automation – it’s easier than you think!

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What is YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is a process to make money on YouTube without making YouTube videos yourself.

You’d either pay someone as low as $5 monthly to make automated videos or you can DIY it for absolutely free.

But don’t worry! I’ll reveal these 2 methods to you later on…

YouTube automation has become an increasingly popular technology among YouTube creators, offering a convenient way to streamline their work.

It involves using software to automate the repetitive tasks associated with the channel’s growth and development such as responding to comments and continuously promoting content.

  • This allows creators to focus on the most important aspects of developing their brand, such as using different side hustle ideas to double their income, creating high-quality videos, and engaging with viewers, instead of manually managing mundane tasks that would otherwise take up time.

YouTube automation not only simplifies workflow but can also help make even smaller creators more successful in establishing their presence online faster.

How to Earn with YouTube automation?

One of the popular methods is earning money through YouTube without creating videos can be done through Adsense revenue.

But of course, there are more ways to make money on YouTube, but this is the best method to generate passive income by far.

Everyone with a Google account and a website can easily monetize their site, blog, or channel on YouTube via ads.

The more people who view your page or channel, the higher your potential for receiving income from ads.

Additionally, you can determine how much you earn by modifying the types of ads you run and adjusting the frequency of clicks.

This means you can create different streams of revenue all while doing very little work.

With the right amount of time and effort, it’s possible to earn YouTube money without creating videos at all.

How much does youtube automation cost?

With minimum spending of $15 a month, you can start with YouTube Automation.

Exciting? Let me show you…

I’ll reveal 2 YouTube Automation methods you can get started either for free or only spending $15 a month.

While some tools are more expensive than others, they often offer advanced features such as automated comment and chat moderation, content scheduling, and more. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what features you require – do you need something basic or more comprehensive? Once you’ve chosen the right solution, you can rest assured that it will help streamline your workflow and maximize your efficiency while keeping costs low.

YouTube Automation Course: How to Start YouTube Automation [Step-by-Step]

are you ready for a complete ultimate to make money on YouTube with YouTube Automation?

Let’s get started.

Choose a niche for your channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be daunting; with so much competition in the digital world, finding your niche is one of the most important steps to ensure success.

One of the best ways to do this is to find something that you are truly passionate about- something that you have personal experience with and can offer unique insight on.

  • Do not post random videos to your channel expecting great results.
  • It’s important to keep a consistent niche.
  • Start by creating a list of topics that excite you and narrow them down into specific categories that would make great content for your audience.

Once you have a clear focus, begin brainstorming ideas for videos and plan content around your chosen niche.

A successful YouTube channel relies on you creating an engaging community, so it is important to set yourself apart by producing unique and inspiring content that resonates with viewers.

YouTube Automation Examples: Faceless YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

Luxury Niche


A Youtube Automation example would be a channel called “Alux”. This channel creates videos around the finance space and anything that has to do with luxurious materials. Luxury videos are the perfect way to display high-end products and services that cater to those with more expensive tastes. Whether it’s a fashion showcase, luxury resort, or celebrity lookbook, videos provide viewers with a closer look at everything they could enjoy if they’re part of the luxury niche. Showcasing only the best of the best—from exotic getaways to rare vintage items—allows potential customers to understand what they would be investing in exactly. For some, videos are the necessary proof of quality needed to make an expensive purchase, while for others videos are simply a visual delight showcasing finer pleasures.

Relationship Niche


A Youtube Automation example would be a channel called “TopThink”. With the ever-expanding growth in digital media, videos have become a powerful tool for effectively communicating within the relationship niche. Whether it’s providing advice on parenting issues, infusing romance into marriage through date night ideas, or suggesting solutions for communication issues: videos are both insightful and entertaining. They help to capture emotions and meaningful conversations that can impact how one understands relationships. Videos in this genre can be inspiring, educational, and uplifting – leading to a more harmonious home life.

Health Niche


A Youtube Automation example would be a channel called “HealthNormal”. The health niche is rapidly proving to be one of the most popular genres on social media platforms, boasting videos featuring nutrition tips, workout routines, and well-being advice. Gone are the days when “health” was viewed as a restrictive lifestyle; today’s videos focus on practical solutions for those looking to prioritize their well-being. From simple yet delicious recipes to accessible yoga sessions, videos within the health niche can offer viewers guidance and support with no risk of overwhelm or judged. Not to mention that videos can also make it easier for others to feel inspired by visualizing progress over time and demonstrating healthy practices. It’s clear why videos within the health niche have become so popular – they offer practical solutions in an easy-to-digest format that everyone can benefit from!

Research the best keywords for that niche

Creating a successful YouTube channel is more than just loading up automated videos and hoping for the best: in order to engage with your audience, it’s important to do keyword research prior to creating content.

  • This will help you understand what phrases and topics are popular within your niche and target demographic so that you can create relevant, interesting, and engaging content for your viewers. Ultimately, scale your channel to the million views range.

Doing this homework ahead of time on keywords will allow you to increase engagement with viewers who are already looking for similar content.

With the right optimization strategy for keywords, you can make sure that you reach a larger target audience, build relationships with them long-term, and eventually achieve your monetization fast to get paid right away.

Create high-quality videos around those keywords

1. Relax Method: Youtube Automation without Making Videos (Done For You)


Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular, and not just for the young and free: individuals of any age who need to supplement their income can take advantage of the side job market.

Many people don’t realize just how much time they spend trying to create videos—and this doesn’t even factor in the time spent investing in expensive video-making equipment.

Check out the best strategy…

Instead of expending all that energy and resources,

  1. Sign-up for a free account on Fiverr
  2. Spend $5 on Fiverr so your cashcow videos can be done automatically.

Spending a mere $5 on a video will free up countless hours that could be used to pursue other money-making side hustle ideas. You might learn a new skill, start an online business, or even apply your existing knowledge to multiple social media platforms.

With so many options to choose from, you can find tons of creative ways to make extra money while having more freedom than ever before!

Next, if spending $5 per video is not for you then you will like the method below.

2. Sweet Method: DIY YouTube Automation (free)


With this Sweet Method, you don’t even spend $5 just to make only 1 cash cow video.

In the instructions below, you will be able to spend the same amount of money while making 10+ cash cow videos while adjusting the quality that you’re looking for.

You only need a few tools to make these simple cash cow videos and they are all automated.

Are you ready?

Introducing YouTube automation tools number #1…

YouTube Automation Tool #1:

[i] is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that helps provide youtube cashcow videos without making videos.

With Jasper’s AI technology, it is now easier than ever to write meaningful YouTube scripts without spending a dime on hiring writers to write YouTube video scripts.

What’s better? The script can be done in 5 minutes with quality.

All in all, Jasper provides a revolutionary way for businesses to make the most out of their YouTube Automation process without spending a leg and an arm to make money with this YouTube side hustle – resulting in saving investment capital and plus, producing more quality videos with quantity.

Get Started with Jasper!

YouTube Automation Tool #2: Speechelo: Ai Text-to-Speech to Generate Real Human Voices


This tool is important to pass the YouTube Monetization Guideline.

If your video sounds like a robot, consider using the best human AI voice generator for your YouTube videos.

Speechelo is an AI-powered desktop application that provides users with a quick and easy way to create lifelike voiceovers for their videos.

It allows users to input any text and generate natural-sounding voices from over 30 different languages in both male and female versions.

Speechelo also offers advanced humanization options, such as pitch and pace control over the generated voices, allowing for complete customizability.

With the user-friendly interface, Speechelo enables everyone to generate realistic professional quality voiceovers in just minutes without any technical know-how or special equipment.

In this way, it helps businesses create high-quality YouTube video content while saving time and money on costly voice-over recording costs.

Get Started with Speechelo!

YouTube Automation Tool #3: Pictory.Ai: One-Click Video Creation

[i] is a revolutionary new AI software that helps businesses automate and streamline their operations.

Instead of identifying the right footage for your video and the video script, having to download then upload the footage, edit the video by cutting the perfect footage, etc. The process will definitely take a ton of your time and your video production process will slow down.

With a simple one-click of a button, your entire YouTube cashcow video can be done within 5 – 10 minutes (Including video exporting) sets the standard for enterprise-grade automation solutions. So if you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your business operations, look no further than!

Start to Make your Video with 1-Click of a Button.

YouTube Automation Tool #4: Canva PRO


Canva is an online platform that allows users to unleash their creative potential and design anything from business cards to presentations. Especially for YouTube cashcow video thumbnail designs.

The number #1 way to get views on YouTube is to have good unique thumbnails that stand out from the crowd without being a designer.

And yes, you’ll 2 options to get a thumbnail design done:

  • Hire a thumbnail designer on Fiverr
  • Get started with CanvaPro to acquire unique designs: Instead of paying $5 to $10 per thumbnail design, a Canva tool can save thousands of dollars.

Canva offers a wide variety of tools, images, and templates to help you create beautiful YouTube thumbnails with ease.

Upload those videos to YouTube and optimize them for SEO

YouTube is an invaluable platform for sharing videos and reaching audiences of all sizes.

To ensure visibility for your content, be sure to optimize your uploads for SEO.

Taking the time to carefully craft titles, descriptions, and tags can increase the relevancy of your video to be featured on YouTube’s algorithm which includes different YouTube features such as the browse feature, Youtube search, or basically the entire search engine ranking.

Investing in this effort can reap rewards by increasing visibility and drawing attention to your video content – so don’t forget to upload those videos to YouTube optimized for SEO.

More importantly, use VidIQ to find the keywords that your cash cow videos need.

The #1 important YouTube Automation Tool you NEED: VidIQ


VidIQ is a web-based tool that enables users to identify and analyze YouTube video performance across YouTube.

You will need this tool for sure…

It is ideal for those who create YouTube videos, as it provides key insights into their audience, content trends, and competition.

With VidIQ, users can identify the most successful content relevant to your channel, dig deeper into a specific channel or keyword, uncover actionable strategies from top-performing videos and channels, track the performance of their content, optimize titles, and move up in search rankings, increase video watch time and subscribers count.

With the advantages mentioned, you will be sure to go viral on YouTube over and over again.

In other words, VidIQ offers powerful tools to help users get the most out of their YouTube presence with its robust analytics platform.

Get started with VidIQ now.

How to Get Views on YouTube: 1,000 Subscribers & 4,000 Hours Watchtime

First of all, you don’t have to wait for 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to make money on YouTube, I’ll show you how you can make money while growing your channel to the monetization phase.


1. Use Google AdWords to generate traffic to your videos

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can be used to drive traffic to your videos, helping them get more noticed and reach YouTube monetization much faster, and depending on your spending budget, you can reach monetization within a day.

Getting people to watch and engage with your videos is essential for success.


Google makes it easy by allowing you to create targeted ads for potential viewers who have an interest in the topic or message of your video.

This allows you to reach potential customers on the right platform at the right time.

  • Creating effective AdWords campaigns requires an understanding of how keywords work and how advertising works in general.

With the right strategy, AdWords can be a great way to make sure that your videos get seen and be able to reach monetization much faster.

But at the time, if you don’t have money, check out this slow way but steady…

2. Use Video Optimization tools to improve your video rankings

Optimizing your videos is so important before doing any marketing for your YouTube videos.

Instead of doing marketing over and over again on your videos, the better way would be to optimize your video with YouTube SEO.

Once your video is ready for getting views, it’s time to follow up with the method below.

3. Use Instagram to Get Views

Depends on what your YouTube channel is about.

Using Instagram is key to promoting your YouTube channel, and getting it to the monetization phase.

Let’s say your YouTube channel is about Luxury, you can always learn to get more followers on Instagram and then promote your YouTube video via your Instagram page.

4. Analyze your results and keep making changes until you achieve the desired results

YouTube analytics is an essential tool in achieving YouTube success,

and it’s free.

But because it’s free, most people don’t take it seriously…

Analyzing the results of every video, comment, post, and advertisement can provide valuable feedback on what is working and what isn’t.

This feedback must be taken into consideration when creating content and setting goals for your YouTube channel.

  • By regularly reframing content and making changes to videos that are not performing well, you can continue to grow your YouTube presence over time and increase your audience reach more efficiently.

With this proactive approach to YouTube, you can achieve YouTube monetization without sacrificing your time!

Ready to make money on YouTube?

Make Money on YouTube: How to Earn with YouTube Automation?

1. YouTube Monetization

Making money with YouTube monetization can be an exciting way to make some extra income and become a billionaire like MrBeasts.

However, it requires patience and dedication before actually seeing a return on your work.

An obvious one would be before you even start to make money, you have to be qualified with 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

which can be a long time waiting, but not to worry yet…

While you’re waiting to make money with YouTube monetization, why not check out the best method below?

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you want an instant return on your investment from YouTube without waiting for 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. Then, affiliate marketing is all you need.

I’m not talking about just affiliate marketing, but it’s all about high-ticket affiliate marketing which allows you to generate big commissions without wasting your time…

…and well-branded and follow the community guideline that allows you to earn passive recurring income as a side hustle idea.

Introducing LM,


This is the best affiliate program you need to make money starting out your YouTube automation.


  1. Research your video ideas and keywords
  2. Get started with Jasper to write your script in 5 – 10 minutes
  3. Put your YouTube script into a real human voice-over to make your video with Speechelo.
  4. Then use one of the top automated video editing tools to make your YouTube video in 5 – 10 minutes.

Conclusions. – YouTube Automation Course

This is the complete guide on YouTube automation. By following these steps, you will have your own automation channel and be ready to make money on YouTube.


Is YouTube automation legal?

Yes, this side hustle is one of the ideas to generate passive recurring income and all you have to do is get freelancers to produce automated videos for you.